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  1. Crawdadr
    Crawdadr DennisTate
    Mr Tate I believe your theology is heterodox in the extreme and not supported by the Church, the Church Fathers, or scripture. I think it would behoove you to sit down with a Priest over multiple Bible studies and work out where the differences are and how you may have been deceived.
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    3. Crawdadr
      I have read your posts which is why I recommend seeking theological support to work out what is going on with your beliefs. But I am no priest or theologian so I do not feel qualified to respond to your assertions in a way that will sway you and also be Scripturally sound. To be frank I might do more harm then good.
      Nov 20, 2017 at 6:14 PM
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    4. DennisTate
      I appreciate your concern.... and I really like your humility. I began studying near death experience accounts back in 1990..... and within five years of so.... I concluded that these must be Messiah Yeshua - Jesus keeping His promise..... in the future..... to speak plainly of the Father.
      Nov 20, 2017 at 8:32 PM
    5. DennisTate
      For now.... I am rather alone.... .that is no problem...... The churches will eventually catch up to what I have been shown....... If.... I am correct... that the Being of Light of NDE fame is Messiah .... meeting face to face with us mere humans.....
      Nov 20, 2017 at 8:33 PM
  2. The Rhetoric of Life
    The Rhetoric of Life
    This forum doesn't celebrate birthdays?
  3. guavaball
    Selectively Banned
  4. AtsamattaU
    AtsamattaU BringDownMugabe
    So this week your handle may have gotten what it's been asking for! But who's it gonna be now, Gucci Grace or the Crocodile?
  5. perotista
    perotista ocean515
    They closed the thread on us. There usually aren't any mandates. What usually happens during midterms is the party out of power, not holding the White House, its voters are more apt to be energized to come out and vote against a particular president even if it is for congress than supporters of the president. They are already in power.
    1. ocean515
      Yes. Understood.
      Nov 13, 2017
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  6. ThorInc
    ThorInc MrTLegal
    You appear to be the victim of abusive bias
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  7. daisydotell
    daisydotell catalinacat
    Hey Cat, how are you?
  8. Just_a_Citizen
    Just_a_Citizen Ronstar
    LOVE your new Avatar!
  9. The Rhetoric of Life
    The Rhetoric of Life
    I've voted for myself today, never saw myself on a ballot before. .. I have now.
    1. Baff
      Did you vote for yourself as sexiest man of the year?
      Nov 7, 2017
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  10. Sallyally
    You won't have time with all the housework you'll be doing.
    ALFORCE Sallyally
    It turns me on so much. I want to suck on her nipple.
  12. TheGoverness
    I'm good for the moment.
  13. miketx
    miketx Heart2
    OMG! I'm being followed!
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  14. PrincipleInvestment
    PrincipleInvestment Sharpie
    Just wanted to say that I admire the honesty of your posts. We're not always in agreement, but I never suspect it's due to partisanship. PF could use a dozen more "classic liberals".
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    2. Sharpie
      Thank you! I always enjoy your posts as well.
      Oct 31, 2017
  15. AlphaOmega
    AlphaOmega Meta777
    please PM me when you get this.
  16. ArmySoldier
    Received official conditional release from my unit. Turned in my gear. Ready for my new unit!
    1. MVictorP
      Godspeed bud. Come back to us in one piece in any case! Best of luck.
      Nov 3, 2017
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    2. ArmySoldier
      Thanks @MVictorP . I'll be in and out of here (rarely) for the next couple weeks just popping in, then I'll ship out shortly after. Be back more "full time" here around end of feb/march
      Nov 3, 2017
  17. Scott
    Scott Descartes
    I can't figure out how to send a personal message so I'll talk to you here.

    I've been having pain from an old hernia surgery and I may check out for a while as I don't have a computer at home. I only navigate in cybercafes. If I disappear, it's because of medical problems but I'll eventually be back.
  18. Sallyally
    It's a painting by Delacroix- Liberty leading the people. It's probably to show that she had more important things on her mind than clothes.
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    2. Just_a_Citizen
      Nothing wrong with Liberating "The Girls" ;) ciao Hun!
      Nov 7, 2017
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  19. Empress
    Empress Jonsa
    Welcome back.
    ALFORCE Sallyally
    Hi, Sallyally.
    Why is the women in your avatar half naked?