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  1. Jacob E Mack
  2. Moi621
    Moi621 Renee
    Your farewell thread disappeared, sort of.
    "Forgive THEM, They Know Not What They Do" ;-)
  3. Jacob E Mack
    Jacob E Mack ARDY
    I like your witty and succinct replies.
  4. Jacob E Mack
    Jacob E Mack blanco
    Hello. Thanks for commenting on my thread :)
  5. Jacob E Mack
    Jacob E Mack Iranian Monitor
    How are you? How is your research going?
    1. Blaster3
      research... very interesting
      Nov 14, 2019 at 11:29 AM
    2. Iranian Monitor
      Iranian Monitor
      Thanks Jacob for asking and for your comments. My research is a long term project and its progressing in "deliberate pace":-)
      Nov 14, 2019 at 11:49 AM
  6. Jacob E Mack
    Jacob E Mack Daniel Light
    Hello, I enjoy reading your posts.
  7. Jazz
    Jazz Sobo
    Congratulations, Sobo, you are a hit in this forum! Keep it coming!!
    Thumbs up!
  8. Sallyally
    Yep. Not here any more, which is a shame.
  9. B.Larset
    B.Larset Sallyally
    I remember Gwendoline briefly. Did she write for a time?
  10. Sallyally
    Gwendolin! On further examination, I found that you aren’t female!
  11. B.Larset
    B.Larset Sallyally
    What was G?
  12. Sallyally
    You’re welcome. I’m an old Australian woman and I mostly post in humour. I’ll look forward to reading your posts too.
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  13. B.Larset
    B.Larset Sallyally
    Thank you for letting me add you I look forward to seeing your posts.
  14. Jacob E Mack
    Jacob E Mack Iranian Monitor
    Hello, and thank you for your thought-provoking, and informative posts.
  15. Jacob E Mack
    Jacob E Mack
    To seek knowledge and wisdom is no easy task...
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  16. Pollycy
    Pollycy Sobo
    Hi, Sobo. I am following you now because I respect you, and I think we may have much in common.
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  17. ChemEngineer
  18. Ernest T.
    Ernest T. Esperance
    Thanks for the compliment.
  19. usfan
    Returning for a visit.. lifting the boycott
  20. Moi621
    Moi621 Spooky
    Are back?
    Please see upload here dated, July 8, 2019.
    Still holds true.
    Please stop getting u'r'self banned.
    The Board gets so much more "boaring"
  21. tecoyah
    Almost Back...less than a week
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  22. Robert E Allen
    Robert E Allen
    The right to choose own an ar 15 with a 30 round magazine is a basic human right.
  23. EyesWideOpen
    Impeachment 's a running joke. The punchline is always the same "impeach Trump," only the gag line leading up to the punchline changes.
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  24. Statistikhengst
    FACTS, especially MATH and SCIENCE, trump propaganda and partisan hatred. Every single time.
  25. BillRM
    BillRM Nothingness
    IF there was a real christian god that had drown almost the whole human race once and had wipe out cities at whim, killing such a being would be a great achievement.