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  1. Sallyally
    Vive la revolution!
  2. Le Chef
    Le Chef Sallyally
    Why does your profile say "not here any more"?
    1. Sallyally
      Can’t remember. Yes I can, it was I. Response to a query about where Gwendoline was.
      Must have put it in the wrong place.
      Apr 7, 2020 at 12:53 AM
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  3. daisydotell
    Stay safe and avoid crowds, avoid them even if you know who is in the crowd.
  4. usfan
    Watching the Cosmos..
  5. Eadora
    But I found that I being limited to 140 characters when I went to POST it - IMPOSSIBLE :(
    1. Blaster3
      either break it up into segments, because profile posts/comments are meant to be short quick tidbits OR start a private conversation with @Stuart Wolfe and post it there.
      Mar 23, 2020
  6. Eadora
    I finally got around to composing a long & detailed answer to you Query -
  7. Stuart Wolfe
    Stuart Wolfe Eadora
    I've been meaning to ask you this for a long time now, and I'm absolutely not being snarky here, I really am genuinely curious about this: Approximately how much time do you spend on a post changing all the sizes, fonts, and colors after you type it out?
  8. Stuart Wolfe
    Stuart Wolfe
    Trying to save my money faster than my son can spend it!
    1. Blaster3
      told mine i'm spending their inheritance
      Mar 20, 2020
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  9. Jkca1
    Jkca1 ronv
    Hey I read your post on the mortgage crisis. I too am retired and living off of SSI and savings. I worked for 44 years full time and I still work PT. It's hard to see all that we worked for going up in smoke because of a virus.
  10. Jestsayin
  11. Jestsayin
  12. gorfias
    Old Enough to Know Worse
  13. DennisTate
    "With Peter MacKay as Prime Minister, there will be no carbon tax." (Peter MacKay, January 30, 2020).
    1. DennisTate
  14. DennisTate
    Peter MacKay: "Statement on the Canadian Embassy in Israel"
    1. DennisTate
      Peter MacKay: "Statement on the Canadian Embassy in Israel
      Canada's Jewish community knows that the Conservative Party stands shoulder to shoulder with them. When I was Defence Minister, I made it clear, "a threat to Israel is a threat to Canada." I will always stand with one of Canada's closest allies.
      Mar 10, 2020
    2. DennisTate
      As I have stated, it will be important to consult with our diplomatic officials at our embassy in Israel to make the necessary preparations for the move. It has always been my personal view that Jerusalem is the undisputed Capital of the State of Israel and that is where Canada's embassy should be and under my leadership, will be located." (Peter MacKay)
      Mar 10, 2020
    3. DennisTate
  15. ConcernedEnglishman
    Remember that HATE is a tool to follow for the marginalised
  16. XXJefferson#51
    Im a 60 yr old male from Jefferson. The city of Redding and it’s surroundings are my home. Im a Tea party Republican and a Christian.
  17. Greenleft
    First post since October. I guess I tired of contemporary politics.
  18. Trump Gurl
    Trump Gurl US Conservative
    Keep up the good posting
  19. EarthSky
    EarthSky Sallyally
    Thanks for all the likes - much appreciated! :-)
    1. Sallyally
      You’re welcome. I like the way you think.
      Feb 12, 2020
    2. Blaster3
      if likes were sex, she'd be a nymphomaniac
      Feb 13, 2020
  20. Jazz
    Jazz EarthSky
    Thank you, dear fellow poster, for your generosity!
    Much appreciated (*-*)
  21. Moi621
    Moi621 Spooky
    Spooky LIVES!
    The Truth Will Make You Free!
    Whose "truth"? Spooky knows!
  22. The Rhetoric of Life
  23. Nathan-D
    Richard Evans on Quora
  24. Texan
    An armed society is a polite society.
  25. After-Hour Prowler
    After-Hour Prowler
    Registered independent, liberal hating conservative.