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  1. MVictorP
    MVictorP Bob0627
    Where were you all of this time, my long-lost ideological brother?
    1. Bob0627
      I've been here since Dec 2015 lol.
      Mar 18, 2018 at 10:03 AM
  2. JakeStarkey
    JakeStarkey DoctorWho
    Losing a life buddy is hard, very hard. I am glad you are back DoctorWho.
  3. PrincipleInvestment
    PrincipleInvestment webrockk
    The Hillary bubble wrap meme is hilarious. So nw I'm stalking (follow) you. LMFAO
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  4. gophangover
    gophangover Econ4Every1
    "Ever hear the claim that the earth is flat? Stupid right? But there is evidence for that position. I mean real mathematical evidence."

    Like the blonde that was asked WHICH IS CLOSER, THE MOON OR FLORIDA?..... Well duh, you can see the moon from here.
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  5. Bow To The Robots
    Bow To The Robots
    Beating head against wall.
  6. Lee S
    Lee S gamewell45
    Thanks for having an intelligent and thoughtful discussion with me. I know we disagree more often than not, but you are always willing to listen and offer thoughtful responses. I truly appreciate that. because of that, even when I disagree with your position, I always take a second look at what you are saying.
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    2. gamewell45
      Thank you for your kind words. There are a handful of people in this forum I take seriously, you being one of them. It's nice to know that while we may not agree on everything, we at least can respect each others opinion and debate in a civil manner. That in and of itself is what makes belonging to a forum worthwhile. Thanks again and see you in the forum.
      Mar 9, 2018
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  7. guavaball
    A hypocrite despises those whom he deceives, but has no respect for himself. He would make a dupe of himself too, if he could- Bill Hazlitt
  8. justonemorevoice
    1. LeftRightLeft
      Hi. Omg you live in Texas and you want gun control. You must be very lonely.
      Mar 8, 2018
  9. toddwv
  10. toddwv
    "Sam Nunberg just ****ed Donald Trump so badly, that Michael Cohen just wrote him a check for $130,000"
  11. LeftRightLeft
    LeftRightLeft DoctorWho
    I answered your question that was deleted as a separate post.
  12. tecoyah
  13. The Rhetoric of Life
    The Rhetoric of Life
    ... It's not settling; trust Britain not to do blizzards right too; first food, then socialism, then manhood, now snow .
  14. The Rhetoric of Life
    The Rhetoric of Life
    It's snowing (again) hopefully this time I can salt and shovel it and 1 up my neighbours as well as give people a break walking past mine.
  15. Pax Aeon
    Pax Aeon
    Damn strange here. Last week in February and all the snow is melting away.
  16. justonemorevoice
    justonemorevoice RichT2705
    Have you watched Young Sheldon? Soooo funny!
  17. justonemorevoice
    justonemorevoice Renee
    These hypocrites...i swear.
  18. US Conservative
    US Conservative
    Don't play that harmless lil ole gal game.
  19. justonemorevoice
    justonemorevoice US Conservative
    Well, thx. He didnt need your help calling me a liar. :(
  20. bricklayer
    bricklayer Swensson
    You stand head and shoulders above everyone else here at PF when it comes to challenging me to iterate and reiterate. Your Socratic input has helped me to simplify and clarify a number of things that were then to for complex and unclear. You challenge me on a level the trolls could only dream of. Today, you compelled me to distill an explanation of transcendence into something simpler than could have imagined.
    1. Swensson
      No worries, thank you for your discussion as well! This is the sort of thing the internet is for.
      Feb 24, 2018