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  1. Wild Horses
  2. ArmySoldier
    I'm enjoying the whiners this morning
  3. Xtremenerd
    the Republicans have once again been foiled by their greatest enemy, themselves
  4. polski
    Don't accept that what's happening..Is just a case of others' suffering,..Or you'll find that you're joining in.....the turning away.
  5. felonius
  6. felonius
    felonius Montegriffo
    wanted to drop by and say, i appreciate your moderate, balanced opinions. Rare in this climate, almost nonexistent in our current topic. Thanks.
    1. Montegriffo
      Thanks, I am testing the waters here because the forum I have been using (Dan Carlin forum/ Martin Hash Forum) has degenerated to the point you can't have a decent conversation any more.
      Mar 23, 2017 at 1:21 AM
    2. felonius
      its pretty good here, despite the recent influx of holocaust deniers. We fought back that barbarian horde.
      Mar 23, 2017 at 1:40 AM
  7. felonius
    felonius FreedomSeeker
    MASTER of the one liner.
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  8. margot3
    margot3 Shangrila
    I am still getting emails from PF and I changed the setting twice now.
  9. therooster
  10. Falena
    Falena flounder
    I wanted to see your name on the Home page. You did so much to try and move this site forward. You may be gone but your legend lives on. RIP Flounder.
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  11. Wen
    Bhinneka Tunggal Ika
  12. Merwen
    Merwen Lee S
    Hi Lee--I've been fairly partisan lately so chose not to follow up yet on what we discussed last summer--have a nice night
  13. margot3
    margot3 Shangrila
    Please stop the PF email notifications to my account.
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  14. margot3
    margot3 Shangrila
    Will you help me? My email is filling up with notifications from PF.
  15. margot3
    margot3 Shangrila
    Will you help me? My email is filling up with notifications from PF.
  16. Kevin David
    Kevin David
    Significant people from the bible exist. Did some reckless things for Gods attention. Its not going to be easy to get to Heaven.
  17. Private Citizen
    Private Citizen
    Still trying to wake up the slaves.
  18. MVictorP
    MVictorP ChrisL
    I like the new profile picture, Chris (not hitting on you - I think)
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    2. ChrisL
      Thanks! :)
      Mar 19, 2017
  19. Kevin David
    Kevin David
    Love will take hold- Silent Planet
  20. Just_a_Citizen
    Just_a_Citizen The Wyrd of Gawd
    "The Wyrd of Gawd, post: 1067229341, member: 58234"]

    Brilliant post.