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  1. DEFinning
    DEFinning edna kawabata
    Excellent quotation!
    both in its Essence,
    & in its Coincidence (being said by Michael PAIN).
  2. DennisTate
    A challenge for Mr. Joe Biden from an aspiring Canadian politician....
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    2. DennisTate
      I would so love to be wrong but.... I am worried about the world economy of 2020 being handled in an inept manner so..........

      I want to cook up a number of artistic methods that could vastly increase OPTIMISM.... and therefore could be useful in preventing another Bear Market..... another 1929.......

      "A film devoid of conflict is boring." (R. W.)
      Oct 16, 2020 at 4:24 PM
    3. DennisTate
      I believe that Mr. Peter MacKay can guess who R. W. is............... so if you would like to give him a call..... the wheels will begin to turn.....

      Many within The People's Party of Canada will likely think of me as something of a "Judas"
      welcome to the third rock......
      Oct 16, 2020 at 4:25 PM
    4. DennisTate
      Oct 16, 2020 at 4:26 PM
  3. Phyxius
    Tick tock...
  4. Moolk
    Back early, to juicy not to.
  5. DEFinning
    DEFinning ellesdee
    Just wanted to say thanks! You were just my 100th, "like."
  6. Moolk
    Will be back in a few months. I'm outtie for awhile! Good health to all!
  7. Adfundum
    Please either PM me or post in the Feedback and Questions forum if you want to discuss moderator actions.
  8. DennisTate
    DennisTate Cougarbear
    Thank you for commenting in a topic that I began. I have several going that I believe may be especially interesting to you.
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    2. DennisTate
    3. DennisTate
      Latter Day Saints, The Mormons, my analysis so far!
      Sep 20, 2020
    4. DennisTate
  9. Roadvirus
    Roadvirus Kal'Stang
    Hey Kal!
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    2. Roadvirus
      Not much. Red is transferring DP from vB to XenForo and it'll be down until Monday, and since I had an account here, I thought i'd see what trouble I can cause until then.

      Some of us miss ya, bud!
      Sep 18, 2020
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    3. Kal'Stang
      Miss being over there also. PF has far more partisans than DP. But it is what it is ya know? ;) How come they're going away from vB?
      Sep 18, 2020
    4. bubbabgone
      Hey ... I know those names.
      It's okay here but I miss posting images directly from the Computer.
      Hope that limitation won't be in effect but I suspect it will.
      Sep 19, 2020
  10. Imnotreallyhere
    Left IL for CA. Sorry to have been away so long.
  11. Oh Yeah
    Oh Yeah ImNotOliver
    Have not seen you on forum in awhile. Are you doing OK with the fires and all?
  12. Bluesguy
    Bluesguy Adfundum
    If you are going to start deleting post when someone says to the other "you do not understand" you are going to have to start deleting half the psot here. It is not an insult of someone to say they simply do not understand something . I can't count the number of times I have received the same. The other person is free to respond that they do and how they do. You will end any debate.
  13. DEFinning
    DEFinning Grey Matter
    That archer-ally's, "dying speech," just went on too long.
  14. DEFinning
    DEFinning Grey Matter
    When I read something I like, I'm the same way: I read all 6 of C.S. Lewis's Narnia series one after another, very quickly. Also, in about a year's time, I finished roughly 85% of Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.'s novels, before I began feeling things had become a bit too familiar. I've never gotten to Tolkien, though I've been curious. Did not care for the first film, though (which, for me, was also the last).
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  15. DEFinning
    DEFinning Grey Matter
    Are you English? You're using the British spelling of, "grey," you know(?)-- which, to be clear, I have no problem with.
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    2. Grey Matter
      Grey Matter
      Not a Brit, but wouldn't mind if I were. I spell it Grey probably because of having read the Lord of the Rings back in 9th grade. Freaking books saturated my life for almost a year.
      Sep 13, 2020
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  16. Oh Yeah
    Oh Yeah undertheice
    Thanks for the like.
  17. DennisTate
    I myself got into the mentality of a group of people who considered themselves the spiritual elite of the earth.
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    2. DennisTate
      Our pride and our anger and our fear..... shoved anybody who knew us up close to tend to want to run away from Christianity as we understood it and practiced it!
      Sep 9, 2020
    3. DennisTate
      The hundred wealthiest families of the earth may have volunteered ....even before they were conceived to be the victims of a massive Stanley Milgram Ph. D. style experiment?!
      Sep 9, 2020
    4. DennisTate
  18. Smartmouthwoman
    Smartmouthwoman Foolardi
  19. Moolk
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  20. Moolk
    Destroying my OChem II like a boss.
  21. Oh Yeah
    Oh Yeah
    Two feet on the ground and the head looking to the sky.
  22. Moolk
    Living the high life
  23. yabberefugee
    yabberefugee 21Bronco
    Just an added.....I too have been banned. Relax during your sentence. You will be refreshed and focused when you return!!!
    1. Rush_is_Right
      I doubt he is coming back.
      Aug 27, 2020
    2. yabberefugee
      I did. I'm just hopeful.
      Aug 28, 2020
  24. yabberefugee
    yabberefugee 21Bronco
    21 Bronco, You like many might feel a little persecuted on this forum. probably are. Don't let it get to you. You still have a voice and a good one at that. You probably notice by my avatar I am a refugee from another forum where they publicly announced they were removing all supporters of Trump. They haven't done that here yet so I view that quite positively!, Barry
  25. Grey Matter
    Grey Matter CenterField
    [QUOTE="CenterField, post: 1071947801, member: 87868"]Sure, Sure, pal...[/QUOTE]


    gfm7175 is super hard to shutdown.

    Maybe PF should make an "Impossible Shutdown" 1 additional point Trophy Prize.

    You would then be potentially the first to break the 113 point limit.
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    2. Grey Matter