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  1. RoanokeIllinois
    "The rights of an individual, cease, when they are misused, as an excuse, to trespass, on the rights, of another individual." Wagon Train.
  2. Steve N
    Steve N US Conservative
    Yo, are you ok?
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  3. UntilNextTime
    Time means nothing when you realise we live in a game
  4. joyce martino
  5. Talon
    Living The Dream...
  6. Talon
    Livin' The Dream...
  7. submarinepainter
    submarinepainter Moonglow
    da weed has allowed me to keep going
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  8. Trixare4kids
    It's beginning to feel like home.
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    2. American
      I'm sure we'll find something to hate. I already hate the skin for this site, and the lack of choices. Xenfro is the same software DP uses, and they did a lot more work over there.
      Jun 3, 2022
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    3. Overitall
      It feels like it!
      Jun 3, 2022
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  9. American
    American Roadvirus
    Hey, were you sent as a spy. ;)
    1. Roadvirus
      MI-6 sent me in 007's place.

      But seriously...i've been a member here for years, so "No".
      Jun 19, 2022
  10. Talon
    Livin' the dream...
  11. metypea1
    I'm well aware of my shortcomings but surprise surprise: I get to live anyway ...until one of you nincompoops gets a notion to murder me!
  12. submarinepainter
    submarinepainter (original)late
    i didn't know you're from Southern Maine, from Portland here
  13. Autonomous
    Autonomous Joe knows
    LOL, i just now realized that it's Kermit as your avatar!!!!! the little square that shows on the threads cuts his head and feet off so I wasn't sure. Awww, poor Kermit. Never thought I'd see a happy frog drunk.
    1. Joe knows
      Joe knows
      Haha. He’s my avatar on all the forums I’m on. I’m known as the happy drunk in a forum I often visit
      May 14, 2022
  14. Autonomous
    waves to everyone politely...
  15. Montegriffo
    Montegriffo Pants
    GO LEAFS GO!!!
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    2. Pants
      Right back atcha! SOOOUUUUPPP
      May 14, 2022
  16. MiaBleu
    MiaBleu Sallyally
    Happy Birthday Sally!!!! Hope your day is special in every way.
    Mia B
    1. Sallyally
      Thank you, you’re very observant.
      May 5, 2022
  17. Le Chef
    Le Chef Polydectes
    You have the coolest avatar. What is it?
    1. Polydectes
      Thank you. It's part of a meme.

      Google kekistan flag
      Apr 12, 2022
  18. DennisTate
    DennisTate mordecai geoffrey max
    "Would you like to see the remains of Rabbi Nachman taken to Israel?"
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    2. DennisTate
      "The opposite... its a multi-religious issue. Saints and war heroes are sent to burial places related to their cultures. Jewish law as interpreted by halachic experts would require burial on the mount of Olives. National pride requires burial on Mt Hertzel. Canada and the world need to send the coffin to Mt Hertzel next to Shimon Peres who made the request. The final resting place is our problem.
      Apr 10, 2022
    3. DennisTate
      As a Christian, you can easily explain that the oath given to Josef has not yet been kept and this was Gods plan for the Sabbath or Jugement Day. Rabbi Nachman who was reborn as Na Nach (can be revealed) left a coffin behind to allow the nations faithful to God to keep the second commandment
      Apr 10, 2022
    4. DennisTate
      The eight commandments below the second are so in order of importance.

      Organizations helping Ukraine are where you need to bring
      influence. There is a lot of money offered." (Mordecai Geoffrey Max)
      Apr 10, 2022
  19. Talon
    Living in a "Progressive" Clown World
  20. Talon
    Living in a LW Clown World
  21. Imnotreallyhere
    Imnotreallyhere MiaBleu
    Sorry for possibly stepping on your point. If I was mistaken please inform me and I'll leave you to answer for yourself. In this case, your meaning appeared obvious to me, so I took a stab at it. Again, If I did wrong, please say so.
    1. MiaBleu
      No worries...Thanks for being so considerate.
      Mar 26, 2022
  22. Torus34
    "And gladly wolde he lerne and gladly teche." Chaucer, the Canterbury Tales.
  23. MiaBleu
    MiaBleu The Scotsman
    Just letting you know that I truly enjoy reading your posts. Love your sense of humor.;-)
    1. The Scotsman
      The Scotsman
      Thanks mate!!
      Keeps me sane...
      Mar 24, 2022
  24. Richard Franks
    Richard Franks Falena
    Thanks for the warning, I'll watch it next time.
  25. MiaBleu
    MiaBleu bigfella
    Regardless........of what type of Koala bear it is adorable. .....but I will keep a respectful distance ;-)
    1. bigfella
      As I said, they are a 'mythical' creature. :) Real koalas are very cute. My friend has a bunch of them living on his property.
      Mar 5, 2022
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