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  1. conservaliberal
    Unaffiliated Independent.
  2. Statistikhengst
  3. GrayMan
    Never Give Up Never Surrender
  4. yangforward
    I want the US to be better than Britain in every way
  5. Shutcie
    Why, I'm here. And there. Just having a hoot!
  6. mstrman
    mstrman Shutcie
    Don't see you much at the other place.
  7. Moi621
    Moi621 WillowLily
    Are you still around?
    Any cat updates or
    kippers <yum> ?
  8. dixon76710
    dixon76710 Bush Lawyer
    Whatever it takes you to get through your day dude. The absurdity of arguing the cross examination "opening the door" for all the irrelevant testimony the day before escapes you. Kind of like arguing the 2017 entries into records was intended to influence the election in 2016.
  9. dixon76710
    dixon76710 Bush Lawyer
    ????Then you havent been paying attention to the proceedings. The defense hasnt presented ANY witnesses yet. And defense attorneys on cross examination are limited to questioning the witness, with no opportunity to make denials.
    1. Bush Lawyer
      Bush Lawyer
      Come on. The whole thrust of the cross-examination was a challenge to Daniels that the incident simply did not happen. It was 'put' to her over and over that she was lying about it.

      May 14, 2024
  10. dixon76710
    dixon76710 Bush Lawyer
    It is motive. Had Humpty's**** Lawyers not attacked her credibility as they did, opening the door, she would not have been allowed to vicariously satisfy all the voyeurs with the salacious detail.

    Banned from the thread otherwise Id point out that Trumps lawyers havent denied the payments or the affair. Neither are illegal.
    1. Bush Lawyer
      Bush Lawyer
      Not surprised you are banned from the Thread. You are so inaccurate. Humpty's Lawyers spent most of their cross-examination of Daniels DENYING the encounter.
      May 13, 2024
  11. Mitty
    You know it makes sense - Sam Kekovich
  12. yangforward
    The cost of the Vietnam War helped get the US off the gold standard and into inflation. The war in Ukraine is similar
  13. kotcher
    kotcher Tipper101
    Hey, the jews are executing a holocaust against palestinians

    5.000,000 palestinians, 50,000 killed a year.

    The palestinian holocaust will be over in 100 years

    I hope you are laughing, sometimes we should use thier words to show thier stupidity, that they are wrong, lying, emotionally misusing words.

    Use the idea if you like

    I like to focus on one point whinh typically destroys thier opinion, billshit
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  14. yangforward
    I'm trying to work out how to fix America, that doesn't make me a Russian!
  15. conservaliberal
    conservaliberal Endeavor
    Hello, @Endeavor . Please, have you noticed that any of your posts were deleted today?. A couple of mine have, including at least one that I exchanged today with you, and I think a couple of yours have disappeared also. I've asked the moderators but I have not heard back. When or if they delete anything, there is usually a short explanation (like a rules violation of some kind). Thanks, Conservaliberal
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    2. Endeavor
      One of my post got deleted. And the reason they gave was off topic.
      Apr 20, 2024
    3. conservaliberal
      Thank you for your reply. I didn't receive any notifications, but a couple of my posts were deleted all the same. Perhaps my missing posts were 'swept up' in the deletions they made on yours (I've seen that happen many times before). Have a great weekend, and I'm sure I'll see you back out there later! Cheers!
      Apr 20, 2024
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  16. yangforward
    I am here to learn the truth and to share the truth I have no interest in falsehood, or proving I am right unless perchance I am.
  17. Talon
    Livin' the Dream...
  18. American Eagle
    American Eagle Mandrake
    Wassup Manny, you still in the game?
  19. MiaBleu
    MiaBleu Sleep Monster
    Dropping in to say that enjoy reading your well appointed posts.
    Enjoy your day.
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  20. DennisTate
    Dennis Tait or Tate for Mayor of Mississauga?
    1. DennisTate
    2. DennisTate
      My making it into the probably soon coming race for the office of mayor of Mississauga will tend to draw attention to... "The Tate Plan for Shalom in the Middle East."
      Jan 1, 2024
    3. DennisTate
  21. MiaBleu
    MiaBleu Bowerbird
    Quick note to wish you a wonderful holiday season. The best for the new year too.
    I continue to enjoy your posts and learn something too.
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  22. Grover Cleveland
  23. Talon
    Sailing the Seas of Cheese...
  24. Talon
    Livin' the Dream...
  25. Talon
    my threads