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    1. The Judge
      The Judge
      I did not write that it is more acceptable to hate anyone, but rather unacceptable to hate anyone. The sooner you recognize this, the better for everyone.
    2. The Judge
      The Judge
      Sadly, many groups of people are being hated in posts, not just Jews. It's not only Jews who matter. Other humans matter too.
    3. Death
      This forum states as a rule:

      (5) No flame-bait threads or posts. Threads or posts where the sole intent (either by topic, title, images or language) is to elicit emotionally charged responses or personal attacks from others will be deleted. This especially goes for any form of hate speech. It is up to the moderators' discretion to determine whether or not a given post falls into a particular category. Continuing to start flame-bait threads and/or continuation of making flame-bait posts may lead to infractions and eventual banning.

      Then permits posts such as the one below posted Nov.15. 2010:

      DoesHomeRenovations Analyst Join Date: Aug 2009Location: Reality... "holocaust"-free since 1995Posts: 1,919 Credits: 5,963

      Judaism is a racist criminal enterprise posing as a religion.Jews will say their "faith" is all about love, truth and compassion. This is a lie. The Talmud instructs Jews to cheat, deceive and kill Gentiles whenever possible. Jews are the most racist, fanatical people on earth.Many men have written and spoken about the Jews. Martin Luther, Henry Ford, Adolf Hitler, Jesus Christ and George Washington just to name a few.What World-famous Men have said About the Jews__________________Jew Watch: Scholarly Library of Facts about Domestic & Worldwide Zionist CriminalityReal Zionist News: The Zionist War For World Domination`"The Holocaust", Holocaust 101Jewish Genocides Today and YesterdayJudaism as a Group Evolutionary Strategy , Evolutionary Theory of Anti-Semitism, Jewish Involvement in Twentieth-Century Intellectual and Political Movements

      The fact the moderators allow the above post and many more like it to be posted daily now and in the past would have removed them and ban the person issuing them speaks blatantly.
    4. Death
      I have left this forum. I have found the new lowering of moderator standards to allow anti-semitic flaming on the board left me no choice.
    5. cassandrabandra
      re holocaust thread. thanks for that response. makes perfect sense. I sometimes think it is better to let these things die a natural death - but that they come up again and again means they need to be challenged, or so I think at times. I find the level of real antisemitism is rising on this forum, and although I appreciate that allowing it out in the open is a good thing, when outright lies are posted there are people who will believe it. History changes, depending on who is telling the story.
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