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    1. ideas
      Yes I know Muslims live in Israel too, but I'm not convinced that the Jewish people would take the average Muslim in with good will. I'd love to visit the Kurdish areas in Jerusalem, there must be some Kurds still living there from Sallahadins time
    2. ideas
      United kingdom, and yourself?

      I would like to visit Israel.. but I don't know if I'd be welcome.. I mean if I get a chance to talk to people I know that people would be fine with it, but I have a Kurdish non Islamic first name and Islamic last name, and that may put people off I assume.
    3. ideas
      Well good luck in your quest.
    4. ideas
      Thanks man!

      I remember when I was a kid my grandfather used to tell me about Jewish traditions, some of them were quite cool, hehe. He also spoke aramaic becuase Kurdish Jews speak that as a mother tongue, it was quite a hard language :S but I believe it's the same language Jesus spoke?
    5. ideas
      I think the best way to put it is, Kurds are like the Jews were before Israel was created.. hated by people around them becuase they want freedom..

      Turks denied the Kurds their human rights! only recently is Kurdish allowed to be used in Turkey..
    6. ideas
      Thanks Ezra :D by the way I'm 25% Jewish ;)
    7. AshenLady
      I'm not gonna get into holocaust denial; it's too stupid to give them the satisfaction of an answer.
    8. Breath
      They're funny though. They try to make Nazis innoncent angels but when they want to insult Jews they say "Jews are truly evil they're the real Nazis" lmao
    9. Breath
      I'd love to spend my some time there but I don't really think I'd have that much time to spend there, at least for now :/

      What made you interested here? All these anti-Semitic propaganda? There are many here unfortunately and it made even some Jewish posters quit here because mods didn't ban a poster who's openly anti-Semitic, he now is banned though but it took really long to get him banned
    10. Breath
      You're welcome. Cellis is the only Turk left there, I think. Forum doesn't seem to be active as much as it used to be though. I can give out more if I'll find more.

      So are you active on that Interpals.net?
    11. magnum
      Yeah, it won't let you rep the same people too often before 'spreading the love around' lol.
    12. Breath
      Nope... I just checked there now... It looks interesting and wide site.

      Don't worry about racists, we have one even here all he's doing is to damage Turkish reputation more and more by his words he really pisses me off... Typical neo-Ottoman Erdogan supporter. Their kind are also one of those to blame for why Turcophobia exists. I don't think American majority hate non-whites btw, I can see that from PF American posters too, I've just seen some few that racist towards blacks and those "white nationalists" from Stormfront (I assume they're from there) who are anti-Semitic.

      The Israeli forum I was talking about was Israelforum.com btw, if you ever been there. There were Turkish posters there, not sure if they're still active.
    13. Wolfe
      Thank you, We need to stand united against these racist bastards
    14. Breath
      I'm not sure where what kind of sites they all hang at, I know some forums but they're in Turkish. But I've seen several who's posting in an English-speaking Israeli forum.
    15. Breath
      Yeah... I'm here to both share and learn actually. The main reason I'm in such places because I can't stand seeing all these misinformation being spreaded about Turks and Turkey...

      If I was born Norwegian, Swiss or Finnish for example, I guess I would never be interested in politics because there is almost no mess over there and they're more improved countries than we are...
    16. Breath
      Yep its the almost the same here, but major parties are not quite similiar.
    17. Breath
      Thanks... The next elections are soon, so yes there's still a hope if the majority of country realize who they really are and ignore all the fake propaganda. ;)
    18. Breath
      I just am not feed with that much of propaganda... I'm sure there are more that thinks same with me... Not long ago, Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, leader of main opposition party criticised the flotilla calling it unneccesary because there already was Red Crescent in Gaza.

      I know who's really behind that "mess" and the reasons. Erdogan and his crew such make anti-Israel remark provocations so that he feels like he's true muslim he wants to be leader of islam or something I don't know. Or perhaps re-build Ottoman Empire... and end in same way it did. While they can't stand the actual nationalists.

      Its the same person who put all Turkish nationalists and former generals into prisons because they're "coupers" or plan "coup" against him
      Its the same regime who arrest journalists which damages freedom of speech...
      Its the same person who shood a Turkish farmer who was complaining about government by saying "get lost with your mom"
      Its the same person who humilated Turkish martyrs.
      Its the same person who ignored protests of TEKEL workers, pharmacists, doctors and more.
      Its the same person who wanted to allow Islamic headscarves in unitivesities called it "Freedom" and yet increased minimum age of drinking alcohol from 18 to 24!!!

      There are more I can list but I don't want to spam in your page... There are much more to say about them.
      For me he's nothing different than Ahmedinejad...

      On the other hand I know what pro-Palestinian/Arab posters here are like. They're "pro-Turkish" as long as it also is "pro-Arab".

      I've seen Moon and The Great Khan posting crap about Turkey because Turkey is NATO member.
      I've seen snakestretcher suddenly turning anti-Turkey and slandering because I made a post about a Turkish official condemning 9/11 attacks
      Margot laughed at me when I said Arab Caliphate massacred a Turkic tribe during Islamic conquests because "It happened centuries ago"...
    19. Breath
      Thank you for your message Ezra...

      BTW, I didn't say nor mean Israelis are Khazars. Apologizes if I wasn't clear enough. I said I myself regard Khazars as my ancestors that's one of the things make me interested in Jewish world, as they're also symbol of rich Turkic-Jewish relations in history, in my opinion ;)
    20. Slapshot!
      Thanks for the rep.
    21. Ostap Bender
      Ostap Bender
      Hi dear Friend, I am one of the biggest supporters of Israel here, if you need any help on any thread you can always call me!Although I am a Christian Right - Wing I wish your Great Country anything good and God's blessings!
    22. magnum
      Oh yeah, love Biohazard. Also Sick Of It All, Madball, Agnostic Front etc.
    23. magnum
      I don't think they made a record with Crass. Their drummer joined a band called The Mob. Not the actual mafia!
    24. magnum
      Do you like Zounds? A great band from Oxford.
    25. magnum
      Yeah, i've got tons of vinyl. Got a lot of Crass label stuff, Mortarhate etc.
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