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    1. Tezelian_Imperialist
      I liked your post about tattoos, well said.
    2. Smartmouthwoman
      Well look at you on the Top Rep list, ya ole grump. Guess I'll have to go rep your sorry ass.
    3. Trinnity
      Your posts are good.
    4. Falena
      Happy Easter, Foolie

    5. Joe Six-pack
      Joe Six-pack
      Go back to school.
    6. The Big Kahuna
      The Big Kahuna
      i'll have to look for the docu. thanks for the tip man!
    7. Doc Dred
      Doc Dred
      I was 13 in 1969 and dropped acid without knowing what it was....first drug was wierd cause i was too young to understand what really the hippies were doing to change the world, in the sense of their brave dissidence so to speak . Me old man was a beatnik..for real. I was brought up with this sort of thinking, so i just took it for granted that this was what most people were old man gave me an increase in allowance...fifty bucks a week...when i came home on acid...he didn't talk about it...pretended he did not know....but would have these incredible convos with me when i was tripping...stuff like...."do you realize when i strike this match that an entire universe is created . it goes through the whole process of creating worlds where people live and have a history of hundreds of millions of years all in the span of time and through the energy released when i light this would strike the match and i would KNOW this was happening..."

      so many things like that.....
    8. The Big Kahuna
      The Big Kahuna
      i love elvis. not the republican bit but being a republican was different in elvis's day. hell i probably would have voted gop in the 50's and 60's but that's not the point i was making. i agree about his kindness and generosity. what i meant by going crazy is i don't think elvis handled being wealthy very well hence the crazy spending and gadgets and some of the weirdness. he wasn't used to that kind of of life and it showed. but i love the guy and he did a lot for music, race relations, just changed american life and for the better. hell my late aunt met him in 56 at his tampa show and talked always of how kind he was to her backstage and what a gentlemen he was. you know he never liked cussing in his presence and he was extremely religious. decent guy but a bit blindsided by fame is all. there's a good book by peter guralnick 'last train from memphis' about his last years and it's pretty sad reading.
    9. The Big Kahuna
      The Big Kahuna
      i preffered kerouac and i also liked bukowski. never read ginsberg.
    10. The Big Kahuna
      The Big Kahuna
      there are always different rules for the rich. the ideology is green, money and nothing more and pleasure and fun. must be hard to wrap ones head around that if one is not used to it. look at all the country and poor boys who make it big and go bat(*)(*)(*)(*) crazy. elvis comes to mind.
    11. The Big Kahuna
      The Big Kahuna
      Try one of the old out of print services like ABE or Bowker's...sometimes Barnes and Noble out of print is a good source for old stuff. I think he had talent but his images are so ugly I cannot read him for too long. I tried naked lunch years ago and it depressed me too much to finish it.
    12. Doc Dred
      Doc Dred
      i read you dug sam the sham and then mentioned beat niks....were you really?
      me dad was one...had some real cool friends that i recall...
    13. flounder
    14. Falena
      Ah, the voice of wisdom.
    15. Falena
      What's up? I'm about ready for that cabin in the woods! Got an extra dog or two?
    16. flounder
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