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Apr 28, 2014
    1. frustrating
      just joined. I'll send you a message.
    2. justonemorevoice
      no problem, see ya there!
    3. justonemorevoice
    4. justonemorevoice
      i know, its pretty low, eh? (the funeral thread)
    5. justonemorevoice
      lol, you are bad.
    6. justonemorevoice
      im laughing at you yanking his chain.
    7. cassandrabandra
      Have just been there - it is quiet but there are some good people there that I know from another board, so maybe with some more of us it could become an interesting place for real discussion. I am telling a few other people here about it, because there are some here who I think would also be interested in intelligent discussion sans trolls ... and I guess that even if you come back to th efray here sometimes it might be nice to have a saner place to visit as well!
    8. cassandrabandra
      I think I will be out of here soon. I thought I might go here - its small, and quiet, but they don't want fools there, so it might develop into a forum for interesting discussion. would be good to see lots of quality posters - regardless of opinions.
    9. cassandrabandra
      the selective interpretation of "freedom of speech" is problematic, I find. I feel like an outsider to a club with a set of rules known only to the members.

      you can't call a spade a spade (and its pretty clear the idea of what constitutes an insult is pretty flexible), but people who so choose can make statements wich denigrate entire groups of people and which are clearly false. These statements may well discourage a broader range of posters from joining, or continuing on the forum, and also promote the impression that the forum condones racist and intolerance.

      I am not so sure this is a "community" I want to be part of.
    10. cassandrabandra
      yes - I have started putting a lot of people on ignore if they consistently use insults and put downs as a means to support their opinions, which are often based on a selective interpretation of information - often from dubious sources. however I received a warning for saying there are some mods I would like to put on ignore as well - but I can't.

      freedom of speech is OK if you want to insult those whose views you don't share - but it is not OK if you want to be honest about what you see as an issue in this place.
    11. cassandrabandra
      thanks for your kind words - I participate on a number of topics and I find the dominant mind set is really frustrating. (LOL - not that I think you conform to the dominant mind set!
    12. cassandrabandra
      thanks for the rep. feeling in two minds about being here at present so its nice to get some encouragement
    13. Divine Wind
      Divine Wind
      I've been observing you on EL. My subscription runs out on the 28th. Unless Ord paid up my subscription, it's going to lapse.
    14. frustrating
      I've enjoyed reading your posts, Jiyuu. Keep it up.
    15. Jiyuu-Freedom
      Thank you for the rep. Glad to have you onboard:)

    16. frustrating
      No problem. Try not to get lost in the weeds. Every time I log in there are around 100 new posts. It's going to be difficult to keep up.
    17. Divine Wind
      Divine Wind
      Thanks for the invite!
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