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Feb 20, 2019 at 4:59 AM
    1. Falena
      Thanks Gwen, the complement means much more than the rep. I appreciate it.
      I will not let that thread go. If anyone reads that and is bolstered by the insane thinking of some, hopefully one of us will be there to remind them that it is disgusting criminal behavior. It's way too important to let it go by the wayside.
    2. Falena
      Thank you Gwen. That whole thread was frustrating beyond belief. I couldn't let it stand without saying something.
    3. Falena
      Thank you Gwen. I appreciate it. That is a great thread you started.
    4. Tedminator
      heheh yay! thanks :aww:
    5. Tedminator
      Heyas Gwen :hug:

      and well yeah.. it is kinda sexy stylish :D
    6. cassandrabandra
      Love to be your friend. thanks.

      Yep. we tell them straight. Mind you I have put S on ignore for now. I can only stand so much of that from one person. I will review it in a few days.:)
    7. cassandrabandra
      Thanks - and for the other one too. Like you, I have had a gutful of this kind of rubbish. Its bullying pure and simple, and I'll call them on it if I've got my wits about me.
    8. Glücksritter
      Hey, you seem to be still here from time to time
    9. justonemorevoice
      go read off topic.
    10. justonemorevoice
      hey gwen, im so sad.
    11. justonemorevoice
      oh my, i think i rattled a cage or 3.
    12. justonemorevoice
      i said nothing against the tos.
    13. justonemorevoice
    14. tomfoo13ry
      Merry Christmas, Gwen! My best goes to you and yours.
    15. philxx
      As vladimir Lenin said when asked why he keep banging your head he replied"If the foundations are termited then my head will be sufficient "

      The opertunity for social transformation is ahead of us ,the RWing blog and its lack of logic,is the level of political culture not the fault of politics has not been popular for quite a while now ,since the 1920's in its most revolutionary form .

      There are 3 perspectives in periods of war and revolution, pertaining to your oponents.

      1.Attack there Ideological Foundations [the very reason for their existance]

      2.Expose the irrational and ludicrus method of analysis[some people think the planet isnt being destroyed by capitalism,scientific thought verses all others]

      3. Understand the truth by asking questions.

      the more we can isolate the nascant fascist now then the less we have to mop up later wasn't that the lesson of the pre-war years 1919-39..i have an advantage in that I am a member of Lenins and Trotsky's party

      the cost of that education is principle in all things and a willingness to die for ones and others rights to speak for those that have no voice ,to become truly human.

      hope to find u well my friend I will b sadened by your departure please return to say a happiness ,and cheerful G'Day
    16. Praxis.
      Thank you :)
    17. Tedminator
      yeah things are ok, thanks for asking. same with you and yours I hope.

      as for the PF drama... heh, those knuckleheads. they brought unto themselves.
      BTW, What was Metro's main issue?
    18. philxx
      How u going did like the discussion today really getting into the site U float with the grace that the name deserves thanx
    19. justonemorevoice
    20. mairead
      Hi there, I can't answer your friendship request as by button won't let me send a reply there but I welcome your friendship
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