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Feb 20, 2019 at 4:59 AM
    1. Inferno
      Nice thread. I like your poll. I hope that it stays on topic.
    2. Inferno
      Hey there,

      I was going to just give a quick hi and see you are on. Hope the day is cheery. Hugs Del xoxo
    3. Inferno
      Have a most beautiful day. I hope your day is filled with sweet things and joy. Hugs
    4. Inferno
      Nite nite. Going to have a nap. XX
    5. Inferno
      I am sorry that you were banned. I feel bad. I hate when people attack you. It gets me so mad. I get very protective of people that are kind and good. My mother hen coming out. LOL Hugs.
    6. Inferno
      I missed you. I hope all is well and that life is being grand to you. We are making our way to spring it is a beautiful day though chilly here. Hugs xoxoxo
    7. Inferno
      I feel somewhat better. It will pass. Thanks for you well wishes. Hope you are having a beautiful day.
    8. Inferno
      Just on for a moment with a tummy ache. The meds do that sometimes. Hope you are having a great day. xoxo
    9. Inferno
      That hell post was fantastic. I can't rep you now because I am fresh out of rep points. It was really good. I am off to bed so i will see you later. hugs oxoxox
    10. Inferno
      Thank you. That is nice. You have a special day a double chocolate cone day. hugs again.
    11. Inferno
      Just a hugs to let you know I care. Love ya
    12. Inferno
      We can do that I think that would be good. I would like that. I just want to make sure it is all covered. It would be nice to get to the bottom of all those opinions out there. hugs
    13. Inferno
      Lone Dog last I saw was a temp ban. I am not sure if they will make it a perma ban. Oh Catawba is now baned as his own request. He will be back after a long break. I think it was good to close that thread now. I have a few ideas that I am thinking about for a new one. When I get the OP and the thread name together I will send it to you in Private to get your ideas and opinion. Then I can post it when you are on so we can get it started right. I will message lots of people as well for support.
    14. Inferno
      Hi Gwen, Hope you are having a lovely day. HUgs and love Del
    15. Inferno
      I an doing very well thanks. I am happy the way the thread worked out. It was a good one. We will do that again. I hopw you have a great day at work. Not to busy but busy enough so you don'r get bored. Hugs
    16. Inferno
      They locked the rape thread.
    17. Paris
      Partly I do. It makes males feel uneasy...
    18. Inferno
      Hey there sweety. I am so far having a great day. It is drizzling here a bit. It turned slightly colder. Brisk when I was on the balcony. It was refreshing. Thanks on the rape thread. I am working on a new idea for another rape thread where it is a broader topic so we can really find out the bad guys.

      I hope your day is beautiful and filled with all good things. Keep smiling and stay as sweet as you are. Love and hugs Del xoxoxoxoxo
    19. Paris
      G'day, Gwen. I hope you are well. Im fine, thank you. I just love that poster. Im not sure why. xD
    20. Ferris

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