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    1. Inferno
      You won;t fund many to equal Lone Dog around here. He is a gem. I hope you have a great day at work. Hugs and love. Del
    2. Ferris
      Respect is very important to me. I haven't seen much of it in there.
    3. Paris
      You're welcome. I did realise, no worry sweetie. Much love. xx
    4. Ferris
      I'm just gonna have fun with it now :p
    5. Ferris
      Ok, let's not make it about men in general either.

    6. Ferris
      I just feel like I've been trolled. Inferno set up a thread with a position she can't lose on, then makes assertions that have nothing to do with the title that were just too extreme. If she didn't want to discuss it rationally, she shouldn't have started the thread. And she certainly shouldn't have brought Lone Dog in to insult my masculinity.

      The last thing I need to do is alienate my own team in this forum.

      I'm just leaving that thread well alone, no hard feelings.
    7. Inferno
      I am doing well. It is warmer. I slept good. I can understand your feelings. I am disgusted as well. I hurts when you see how some treat and feel about women. It is also frustrating the lengths that men will go to defend the male position no matter how heinous the violation of women. It is a mind set that I will continue to fight. You take the time to get over your disgust. We will still keep fighting this. Jugs snf lots of love. Del

      I hope you have a wonderful day. You're great.
    8. Ferris
      I already left my comments on how to read character profiles (of rapists). The only reason I added one generalization of the hypothetical plaintiff, is because it's extremely relevant and you're not willing to concede to the most basic of points in that arena.

      And yes, I do think you're being over-dramatic still. If you want to have a serious discussion about rape, you need to calm down and take it more rationally. I've been to rape support groups on at least a dozen occasions, and they are a good place to get those sorts of feelings out (even if you have never yourself been raped). Just say you're there to listen respectfully or go in support of a friend.
    9. Inferno
      Hugs hun. Hope you accomplish the list. Love ya
    10. Inferno
      Yes I am. It is a little cold but comfortable. How is your day going?
    11. Inferno
      Take a look at the rape thread. Wait till you see One Thunders poat. Talk about on our side WOW.
    12. Paris
      Thank you! He's flat cute isn't he. It is daylight here so I guess I should wish you a good night lovelune.:)
    13. Inferno
      HUGS lots of them. There are many good ones here. lov ya.
    14. Inferno
      nite nite sweety hugs. i am off to the land of nod.
    15. Inferno
      There really are some great guys here. They make a difference for us. They picked us up. You mentioned most of them Presluc was for us as well on that thread. This has been a time and i am so glad we hung in there like sisters should. It was a bonding moment for us. i know you as a strong brave woman of ideals. I am proud to call you friend. Hugs.
    16. Inferno
      I will see you later take care. Lots of love.
    17. Inferno
      We have to be together against oppression and stand as women united against this.
    18. Inferno
      It's funny how a little pressure can make someone see the error in there ways. Thank you for the support you are in this. This is not for me. It is for every woman that has been assualted in this way.
    19. Inferno
      You are really special. You get a big hug. no three big hugs.
    20. Inferno
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