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Jul 5, 2016
Mar 6, 2007
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Nov 21, 1964 (Age: 57)
St. Louis, MO

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New Member, 57, from St. Louis, MO

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Jul 5, 2016
    1. Frogger

      Asking to have your account deleted is a bit of an over-reaction. Hell, it is more than a bit of an over-reaction. It is a big, big over-reaction. You add a lot to this site and it would be Political Forum's loss if you were to leave.
    2. Eighty Deuce
      Eighty Deuce
      (in reply to a VM in my user CP) I thank you for earlier posting the remembrance, and taking the time to get back to me. I could write at length about what a pleasure it was to serve under III, and recall specific interactions that shaped me for the better, and for which I am eternally grateful. Like it was yesterday. You can imagine my angst when S. McChrystal came to the forefront, as without knowing the family history as I do now, I also knew it not a random coincidence, as the name is not common. Captain H. McChrystal III, then an Infantry officer circa 1975, was a marvelous man and commander. Stanley has done well ! Take care .... and thanks. Jim F.
    3. Eighty Deuce
      Eighty Deuce
      I came upon this forum a couple days ago, and a post by you, in Googling up an old commander from the mid 70's, Herbert J. McChrystal III, a popular last name recently. It is summarized in this post http://www.politicalforum.com/1753771-post113.html, one of a couple of threads where you participated regarding his younger brother, Gen Stanley McChrystal, and in one I believe you mentioned that you had contact with Herbert McChrystal III in the 90's in Missouri ? Was just wondering if you had any follow-up contact info, and how he was doing. Seems his younger brother (one of four, I think) hit the big time ! Thanks. Jim F.
    4. katiegrrl0
    5. katiegrrl0
      where were you in Afrika?
    6. katiegrrl0
      you are very welcome. it is always a pleasure to go head to head with you. we usually stay above the fray and name calling. it is excellent.
    7. katiegrrl0
      you are very good to debate with though we do not agree.
    8. frodly
      I just wanted to clarify what I meant. I actually agree with you that the differences in cultures is quite interesting, I just don't think a thread about a dead dog is exactly the right place to point this out in!!
    9. justonemorevoice
      are you still mad at me? i really was only joking. im sorry.
    10. tresha
      Your kitty avatar is skeery!
    11. Falena
      Thanks Herk, I appreciate it.
    12. Turkic Brat
      Turkic Brat
      I am very sorry!

      I was just joking! :(
    13. OverDrive
      Thx. It just seemed like too good of a 'cheap shot' to pass up!:mrgreen: OD
    14. tresha
      How ya doing today sir?
    15. tresha
      And my respect for you remains.
      Thank you for letting me take you on.
      Appreciate it sir!
    16. kronikcope
      Herk, ever played Microsoft Flight Simulator? Just purchased it @ Bestbuy, its pretty fun.
    17. tresha
      No problem brother, you'd do the same for me and in fact I think you probably have.

    18. Makedde
      Just wanted to say thanks for the donation!:)
    19. Inferno
      Herk Hun, I commend you on the following of your faith. It is a great thing that you do for your faith. You are an example to many I am sure. That is just wonderful and you get a big humbs up on that. Delores
    20. The12thMan
      What do you mean that your "days here are numbered"?
    21. Inferno
      I read a post that seemed to say you were leaving. If that is true be safe in your journey and stay cool. We may disagree on most everything but you try to be above the fray. Class act is what I would say. Take care.
    22. kronikcope
      Oh, I dident meen I was going overseas, Im just going back to work here in Ohio for the skydiving company I worked for last year. I usually post during the day right now b/c Im sitting on my ass at home, I'll be working from 7AM-11AM and 3-7PM 4 or 5 days a week (my usual post time).

      The purchase is good to go, the bank approved my loan and I pick it up on the 13th. Let me know if you ever make you way to Ohio, Cbus is nice from the air. =)
    23. Doug_yvr
      Good job with that PF/Credit Bag. I owe you a rep.
    24. kronikcope
      Hey Herk, I head back to work in 2 weeks so I wont have the time to really post anymore. So if I dont get a chance to talk to you before you head to SA or before I head back to work, just wanted to let you know its been a pleasure speaking with you these past few months.
    25. Paris
      Ha, Jesuits, that must be where you acquired your impeccable education!
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