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Jun 14, 2009
Aug 11, 2008
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Jun 14, 2009
    1. tresha
      You are well on your way to reaching legend status around these parts---we're here to see to that!
    2. jackalope
      Amen to that, Cal Dirty!
    3. Cal Dirty
      Cal Dirty
      You were the funnest one to argue with. It won't be the same again. We're going to rep you through the roof mylady. The newbies will have your name etched in their heads!
    4. OKgrannie
      A gift to the universe....a life well lived.
    5. tresha


      And I'll probably get whacked for this, but here ya go....[IMG]

      Meeting you taught me so much.
      Our fight taught me even more.
      There are some things you don't wait on and some things that are worth bending for.

      I'll never, ever be able to show you how much we all owe you, but I promise you that the work you did was not done in vain.

      You can rest now my fiery friend.

      There are those of us here ready to continue the fight.

      I am so sorry it seems I let you down---I will spend my days continuing to be a voice for those the rest of the world wishes would shut the hell up.

    6. Makedde
      Del, I am sorry the last words we exchanged were harsh ones. I forgive you for that. I love you and I already miss you. You will be the brightest star in the sky at night, girl. Go and shine.

      *hugs* Kyle
    7. Metrophobe
      I'm sorry the last thing we did was butt heads. My heart is heavy.

      Godspeed Del.
    8. TheChief
      Goodbye Inferno
      I'll miss you. :)
    9. Tumbleweed
      I feel very fortunate to have had a chance for our paths to cross. You always had kind words when we spoke and I will cherish all the laughs we shared.

      Godspeed my friend.
    10. jackalope
      Rep'd .... push her to the top !!!!
    11. Lady Luna
      Lady Luna
      I am sad to learn about this. Go with God, Inferno. You will be missed.
    12. Ivan
      God bless you
    13. Birdzeye
      Godspeed, dear lady. I love you like a sister, even though I didn't know you that long.
    14. Falena
      I have never had the pleasure of sharing a conversation with Inferno.
      What I would like to say to her now is rest your soul and have a seat at the wonderful table that has been set for you. Your friends and family that have passed have been waiting to welcome you. God bless your soul.
    15. jackalope
      Inferno, I am thinking about you, and saddened beyond words at what has happened. God, what a person! So smart, so nice, so down-to-earth, and so friendly. And energetic!! I don't know, would you like me to lift a glass to you, in the Irish tradition, or light a candle? I don't know, but know that I am thinking about you. Godspeed, Inferno, travel well ......

    16. tresha
      There aren't enough words
      Not enough thoughts
      not nearly enough

      May you have the peace
      and comfort of knowing
      that the lives you touched
      the voices you've helped raise
      will never ever be silenced

      We will carry your work forward

      Go in peace and love and fire and determination----
    17. Joe1991
      Rest in peace, dear friend.
    18. Inferno
      yw and hugs
    19. justonemorevoice
      okie dokie. man, theres been stuff going down all round the msg boards lately.
    20. justonemorevoice
      why, what happened???? ill miss you.
    21. lita456
      Oh!, I never conversed with him before - you need to just give em hell my friend, you are smarter than anyone here, and I mean that!!! You are very good at debate Del...very good - I'm gonna go to bed my friend, I'm exhausted....((hugs)) I will talk to you tomorrow.....
    22. lita456
      Who's GL Del?
    23. lita456
      Yep, I believe it was under suggestion box - click on the shiva post.....
    24. Metrophobe
      Ah. Cool. Thanks.
    25. Metrophobe
      Weird. I have no idea. It's possible it could be a glitch since that forum was just created today... I'm not sure.
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