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Jun 25, 2020
    1. Falena
      Thanks Kimi. Happy Anniversary to Kimi's parents!
    2. daisydotell
      That is such a shame. I hope nothing is too terribly wrong with him but being in ICU is not a good thing.
      Were you able to get some reading I love all of Elmer Kelton's books and have read all but maybe one or two.
      We stopped at a restuarant in Mountain Home it was on the side of a bluff and it was absolutely gorgeous, the view that is...looks very much like the one in the picture. Mountain Home is east and a bit north of Harrison near the Mo. line. I had the brainey idea of taking back roads through Arkansas on the way to Husband won't let me route our trips anymore. He said beautiful scenery but took too long. LOL. There are some gorgeous views in pretty for words.
    3. daisydotell
      It looked very similar to a place near Mountain Home.
    4. daisydotell
      The picture above is that near Mountain Home?
    5. Kimi
      Thanks REDRUM! It's been a good weekend!!
    6. REDRUM
    7. Frogger
      That's a great picture, Kimi. It looks a bit like the Lake of the Ozarks overlook. Is the girls staring off into the distance you?

      Girls on bikes always strike me as hot, independent, not scared of anything, adventurous. No, I'm not hitting on you. I'm old enough to be your father.
    8. Johnny Dangerously
      Johnny Dangerously
      Northeast OK - pretty close to Arkansas. We were out last weekend on Hwy 66 & Hwy 10. Hwy 10 tracks the Illinois River, so it's got some nice scenery and nice twisties.

      Heritage Softails are beautiful bikes, they've just got a little too much bling for my taste but I know they're popular.

      If I got a Softail, I'd probably go with a Custom. The main reason I chose the Road King is for the ABS and cruise control for long trips. Softails don't offer ABS (yet) and I can't recall if cruise is available on them or not.

      I let my wife think the Dyna's hers, but I ride it more than I ride the RK when I'm just scooting about town, so... ;) I'm actually trying to get her hooked on the RK, but it's a hard sale - the Dyna's just a fun bike to ride and looks wicked cool on the road.
    9. Johnny Dangerously
      Johnny Dangerously
      Good for you! I'm always impressed by ladies willing to ride on their own.

      Yeah - the metrics are doing a lot better job of imitating H-D. Both Hondas and Yamahas are really nice (and cheaper). I do have to say tho - nothing can replace H-D ;)

      But... then it's more about getting your face in the wind than the bike itself isn't it? :D

      Arkansas has some gorgeous landscape. In fact, I'm in Oklahoma (yeah I know my flag is NJ - spent a lot of time there) and my wife and I will be riding to the Springdale area later this month - we're really looking forward to it. She'll be on the Dyna in my CP photo and I'll be on my new Road King (in my albums).
    10. Johnny Dangerously
      Johnny Dangerously
      Welcome to the PF - nice view in the pic. That somewhere in AR?

      What's the bike? It's hard to make out detail on it - doesn't look H-D from here, Yamaha knock-off perhaps? :D
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