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Jan 2, 2019
    1. 9/11 was an inside job
      9/11 was an inside job
      i see you have fallen for the propaganda by the government that carter was the worst president ever.since JFK our last great president,he was the only good one we have probably also believe the BS propaganda that reagan was great as
    2. Trinnity
      Click settings at the top of any page.
      Look on the left and click "inbox"

      Click the messages you want deleted - there's a little box. Click the one at the top to delete the whole page, or the extra box with each group of messages.

      Okay, now look toward the bottom of your messages on the right an find "selected messages" Click the down pointing arrow. When the drop down list appears, select "delete".
    3. Trinnity
      Clean our your PM box, silly.
    4. Libhater
      Yeah, just got donereading Mark Levin's 'Ameritopia' where he's also concerned about the socialist direction we're heading into.
    5. Ostap Bender
      Ostap Bender
      Liberals and their dangerously stupid utopias are cancer which kills our Western Civilization!
    6. Polly Minx
      Polly Minx
      Actually I pretty much have at this point. I've abandoned concepts like the dictatorship of the proletariat and historical progress, for instance. I'm debating on dialectical materialism. (And I gave up on Leninist democratic centralism last summer.) It's just been a protracted and difficult separation is all. I was an active Marxist revolutionary for four years before turning away from it this last summer. But I'm probably always going to be a socialist of some sort. That's something I feel strongly about.
    7. Trinnity
      What class will you be teaching? Sure hope it's political science for the benefit of your students.

      I don't understand....
    8. Heathen
      Thanks for adding me to your friends list.
    9. Trinnity
      ^ That pic of Uncle Sam says it all!
    10. ThreeLawsSafe
      Your assertions would be much more pursuasive if you made the effort to back them with specific arguments and evidence. Maybe you could try reading up on how to debate effectively. There are some excellent websites and books out there that address that. One of them is here.
    11. Ostap Bender
      Ostap Bender
    12. Sibboleth
      I told myself I wouldn't comment in the abortion threads anymore, and I won't.

      I am pro-life just like you. I would like to see Roe v. Wade overturned, and abortion made completely illegal.

      But Munchausens? That's a stretch, dude. A big one. You do yourself, and our position, no good with stuff like that. It only makes you look crazy to them.

      If what you say is true, then what of women who've obtained abortions in the past, and now have children who are healthy?

      The argument just doesn't work.
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