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Mar 19, 2018
Jun 27, 2011
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Ragin' Cajun, from USA

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Mar 19, 2018
    1. Margot2
      Thanks, Nightmare...........
    2. Margot2
      I don't know.... I couldn't even reply to your response to my question.. The Reply function doesn't work anywhere on the board for me...

      Can you speak with the system administrator or whoever your computer geek is and ask if the problem can be resolved by abandoning this account and registering as Margot 3?
      1. Nightmare515
        Yes I will forward this to our Admin. Sorry for the inconvenience, I'm not the techno wiz for the forum I'm not sure what the issue may be.
        Jan 21, 2018
        Margot2 likes this.
      2. JohnnyMo
        Margot, have you rebooted your computer?
        Jan 21, 2018
    3. Margot2
      Can you help me? I can't reply to any posts.
    4. yabberefugee
      You deleted my post because I said "leftists are imbeciles" after I was told I don't give a shyt about civilians. So I wonder.... do you penalize that kind of dishonesty? It seems I always get penalized after I give it back.
    5. ArmySoldier
      Where you at, Chief?
    6. EggKiller
      Congratulations on the moderator status. You've been busy old friend. Keep the helmet on :)
    7. PTPLauthor
      I've enjoyed our discourse on the minimum wage. I believe we have some very stable common ground.
    8. DevilMayhem666
      I'm just curious. Whatever happened to that older guy that your sister wanted to date? Did he see her when she after she turned 18?
    9. HillBilly
      man , I hope you get that chopper assignment , that's the best duty there is ... my opinion , but don't settle for a door gunner , you go for a Commanche or an Apache gunship , man , I wish I was your age again , that's a dream of mine .

      I've logged over 200 hours in a Commanche Rah- 64 simulator , loved every minute , you will to.

      Go for it , my man , Go for it ... follow your dreams . follow your warrior heart .

      watch out for the SAMS , fly low , fly fast , and put your Faith in God and that 20mm Vulcan cannon and those Hellfire missiles ...
    10. HillBilly
      well , you got the CIB , so you can write your own ticket , but you gonna have to have a few friends in Staff that will send it on up . and Intel ain't a sham job , old buddy , soldiers live and die with the intel they get , so don't lowrate intel , the soldiers sure don't . A good intel man can save a lot of lives . you're there , you know what I'm saying .

      If it was me , I'd learn to fly one of those .[IMG]
    11. HillBilly
      man , I been there . get out of harms way and go shine a chair in Intel , you'll make a lot more money , being a Lifer , you need to make it a career , make some friends in Staff . but now , being hardcore sort of gets in your blood , don't it ?
    12. HillBilly
      so you turned down $50K cushy Intel assignment , prolly an Embasy spook , and took a $1K bonus to be a grunt infantryman ? I don't think so .[IMG].. but I'll not call you out on it .
      all I'll say is I wouldn't have .
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    Global Vigilance, Reach and Power, for the United States of America

    It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.