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May 5, 2022
Aug 13, 2008
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Ostap Bender

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May 5, 2022
    1. SAUER
      I don’t think so. Remember , Russia’s changed completely after the October revolution and the disintegration of the USSR. As to brain drain it’s sad but true.
    2. SAUER
      I don’t think so. Remember , Russia’s changed completely after the October revolution and the disintegration of the USSR. As to brain drain it’s sad but true.
    3. SAUER
      Unfortunately you are right, Ostap.
    4. HillBilly
      They're gone , Ostap . After Changed Dad got killed in that bike wreck , she just left, and she's not been back.

      Jollee has moved to Arizona , and hasn't posted in months .
    5. HillBilly
      lol , what. i was refering to as 'slow' was the lack of posters :-) the speed seems to be ok
    6. HillBilly
      oh yeah , I'll prolly post more as the election nears , but it's slow here until then .
    7. Makedde
      Thank you Ostap, glad you like them!
    8. HillBilly
      I'm doing well , just trying to keep the yard mowed and get the garden in , whew , how you doing > BTW , congrats on the award. :-)
    9. Marshal
      What in hell are you talking about.

      I said I am a fair market capitalist... You asked, don't be disappointed with the answer.

      Also... I referred to you as Msr... "MONSIEUR" a French word equivalent to English "My Lord", which... If cultured... You would recognize.

      Now you return with "Mrs."... And you insult capitalism saying it's failed in Russia.

      Clearly you misunderstand, or... Perhaps you're 13.

      Yes... I am insulted by the claim (by you) that Russians fail at capitalism, given the collapse of the SU and apparent failure of communism. With friends like you who needs enemies.
    10. Marshal
      Msr. Bender... I have now seen the soviet propaganda poster you shared with me.

      I am glad that I can offer some explanation of this poster.

      To western eyes, sure the poster looks like he is rejecting Uncle Sam with an open fist.

      However this poster is only rejecting the policies which Uncle Sam is carrying...

      There are 3 policies depicted in the poster.

      1, There is a weapon wrapped in a treaty.

      2, He holds malnourished food stuffs.

      3, Uncle Sam is forcing it on the citizen.

      Clearly you can see today the effect of those policies on the condition of Americans and others of the world.

      Finally, the poster is presented to the Soviet people, whereas the Uncle Sam in the poster's depiction is forcing his propaganda and beliefs on other people... Well, it's true... So anyway it's an honest poster and repentantion of how the leadership has felt in that situation.
    11. Marshal
      I am a fair market capitalist.

      I believe the population should not be exploited, enslaved and oppressed into a condition of perpetual servitude to the already rich and that common people do not deserve depravation of wealth and over-taxation.

      These are the American ideals. It is you who is anti-American.
    12. HillBilly
      Ostap , I could try , but it wouldn't do any good . the people that have left are slowly filtering back in .

      so , let's hope that trend continues , but people will have to make up their own minds .
    13. Smartmouthwoman
      Certainly took the wind out of my sails. I prob post 1/2 as much as I used to. Who cares anymore, eh?
    14. Smartmouthwoman
      Awww, just seeing you is better than a rep, my friend! Besides, when they took away the scoreboard, they took away the fun... hardly anybody reps anymore. *B-O-R-I-N-G* ;)
    15. BestViewedWithCable
      Im fine, you?

      been on the boat alot lately
    16. EvilAztec
      Шутишь не по-детски! lol
      I wish you good mood, too !
    17. HillBilly
      I hope it helps them as much as it does me . . yep . . [IMG]

      yep , , I think most will come back , eventually , PF is still the best . I perdict that as the GOP Convention nears , good post activity will resume , at least I sure hope so .
    18. HillBilly
      sorry about taking a few days to get back to you , Ostap , I'm not on PF as much as I used to be , all these PF shutdowns & bs re-dos have me looking at other web-sites that actually work...
    19. Smartmouthwoman
      Glad to hear you're well, my friend. They're still having problems with the site... sometimes it not worth the trouble to post here. Don't know if they'll ever get it back to the way it was. Very sad. :(
    20. HillBilly
      Gosh Ostap , I haven't heard from Jollee or Changed in over a year on PF . although , I do hear from them occasionally after I send them a HallMark e-card. . . Jollee moved to Arizona , she's ok , her husband had been sick , her kid was sick , but she was ok , other than that . I thought Changed would have been back by now , KK8 is still here , but doesn't run in the same threads I do. Jiyuu-Freedom I hear from about once a month .

      It's Spring here , people will be planting corn & gardens soon, how about where you live ?
    21. flounder
      Hi Ostap, I been busy with stuff to do, and this site is still running poorly so I do not stay on too long. How you been?
    22. Trinnity
      Aw shucks, honey. The "find latest posts" feature doesn't work. I've let the mods know about it.

      I haven't run across any of your posts. I guess we don't run in the same threads.
    23. HillBilly
      I wish I knew , old buddy , but things are getting better with every day , so hang in there. :-)
    24. churchmouse
      Sorry….don't know if I added you as a friend….new to this and well let me know if I didn't do it…..God bless.
    25. HillBilly
      Hey Ostap , have some pizza old buddy ......[IMG]
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