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Jan 18, 2016
    1. changed
      OH MY ....I did not see this, I will be praying for you to get better. I have lit another candle...One for you and one for Hillbilly!
    2. The Judge
      The Judge
      Well, you have the right and freedom to view me according to your interests.
    3. RevAnarchist
      So sorry changed, my health and I are having an argument! I have felt awful on and off for, well, nearly a month. I think the word the docs at the VA used was septic blood (I have metal implants in my legs), I was feeling rotten and went to the ER at the VA, before I knew it they swarmed me sticking tubes in and on me and electrodes ... everywhere, and made stay a night!...I left the next day (night after the Docs left) against orders, but am feeling a little better today. Thanks for asking you are a sweetie...
    4. changed
      Where are you?
    5. changed
      I can't believe we weren't already friends....
    6. RevAnarchist
      Hi Anansi the spider! Good to see you too!
    7. RevAnarchist
      Hi Flounder! Yes flame delux! Well I would rather suffer flames now than later eh? Good to hear from you too bud.
    8. Anansi the Spider
      Anansi the Spider
      Nice to hear from you.
    9. flounder
      Hi Rev how you been? Have not seen you much on the other threads. I have been avoiding the religious ones, too much flaming.
    10. RevAnarchist
      Thanks, I was thinking about that! I will look at it in the morning. I hope I can sleep tonight!
    11. daisydotell
    12. RevAnarchist
      Hey Jedi, no I haven't joined any movements I start them! Ha ha, just kidding! I really do have too many irons in the fire as the overused ole saying goes. Imay do a thread on the christian movement. It's at first glance a bit scary. They seem to lean towards a theocracy and even though I love Jesus more than life itself, that's not the way to go IMO (until he, JC, comes back!). Thanks to everyone for dropping by, it's amazing how even virtual friends can cheer a man up !
    13. RevAnarchist
      Hello Changed! (*)(*)(*)(*) I feel like I just walked into the Cheers bar! Pretty girls speaking to me and old friends all! Thank for the 'love' its truly mutual, even if it is virtual love ~sigh~...
    14. RevAnarchist
      Hey Hillbilly! Did you get my PM? Sorry I have been absent, but I had serious domestic and personal issues to resolve...I feel much better now~! (I love than line its from Gonzo Adams, the old TV show ;The Adams Family...
    15. RevAnarchist
      Nice cryptic prose Death, Really I like the way you have your way with verbalism (my word). Ha ha, you seem a little intense but subdued at the same time...interesting.. hmmmm'
    16. jedimiller
      that's the knight rider car from the TV show that got cancelled. I was loving it and NBC cancelled it. (*)(*)(*)(*)! I love Mustangs...
    17. jedimiller
      cool. thanks man, have you joined the christian movement yet?
    18. changed
    19. HillBilly
      RevA ,,, you doing ok ? haven't heard from you in a few days.... Hillbilly
    20. Death
      Yoh Rev. People like me were forced into the woods and became resistance fighters. Took a while to learn how to walk quietly and not disturb the wind and leaves and learn humility and the rules of the mother earth. Still learning. Death was a reluctant consequence of destiny. Death itself was not the problem. The timing of it and why it happened was the problem. Lol, its hard to rid the forests of its ghosts. We tend to rattle back when the Moons of the world walk in and start littering and killing for the sake of killing.

      All you have to know about me is I know why the water flows and I respect its movement and its purity. Not much else matters. To define it otherwise becomes absurd. You can't believe in white men with beards when you see body parts in plastic bags. It needs to be challenged until you can conceive it as the movement of the wind and the flow of the water. Otherwise its too insane for me.

    21. RevAnarchist
      One thing have you ever explained your spiritual beliefs? Can you briefly? If you feel its too personal, no worries.
    22. RevAnarchist
      Well true I would like to support you on that, but I beleive that sentience is the domain of intelligent creatures such as man. However playing the devils advocate there are some interesting studies to support your position.
    23. Doc Dred
      Doc Dred
      I have been banned and i have been infracted for insult where there is none...what else can they do to me....
      what ya think of me Intelligent Design angle....I believe in God, just wanted to to take religion out of the picture, which they refuse to see and only can attack with insult...

      it is important for me to show inteligence does not necessarily mean sentience....
    24. RevAnarchist
      Thanks, I hope our posting will remain civil! Good idea about the children, I could been a parent twice over, but I knew I wasn't responsible enough! Life is too short to waste it on being angry eh?
    25. abentwookie
      Cute dog. :-P We have two hyperactive yorkies. lol

      Thanks, she is actually my sister though. :) I don't really want to have any little wookies until I'm a little older and more financially secure.
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