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Jan 18, 2016
    1. Jollee
      Thanks Reverend! I will be looking for your comments friend.....
    2. DBM aka FDS
      DBM aka FDS
      Nope - I don't post there... I"ve been asked that before if I post at another place, but nope. I only post on other teams (football) websites that my Beloved Oakland Raiders play and cause havoc!!!

      GO RAIDERS!!!
    3. insanealert
    4. RevAnarchist
      Ha ha too bad I am a guy, I too am a non smoker and smokers taste like kissing an ashtray! Yes, Kurt Godel was on par with Einstein. Have you read 'A world without time, the legacy of Godel and Einstein?' It's a wonderful little book.The author writes in a clumsy style (like I do, English isn't my first language) but its an excellent read. One book I detest is by R. Goldstein a hard atheist who belittles Godel's Ontological argument! With al due respect she would nto make a pimple on Godels butt. Anyway, thanks for the 'Kingdom' suggestion, I haven't read it, only excerpts. I like so much about Godel that I can't mention it all, other than he championing metaphysics, his theism and love of God, his love of cartoons, and while a member of the Vienna Circle Godel he rather tortured them being an Platonist rather than a Positivist! He out intellectualized the smug LP intellectuals! What might the world be like if the western world went the way of Godel's metaphysicalism' instead of the Positivists Logical empiricism (an old term) ? It would of been intellectual and spiritual paradise my friend. › Books › Nonfiction › Philosophy › Metaphysics

      You are the only person that I have met in over a year of posting that knows about Godel! I am sure we will talk again.

    5. TortoiseDream
      Another Godel fan? Awesome! I learned about his incompleteness theorems in class just recently, he was a brilliant man. On the topic of Tolstoy, I ask because of the name of course. His book "The Kingdom of God is Within You" is probably his definitive statement on the matter of pacifism and Christianity (something I too haven't read yet), but his "Letter to a Hindu" is something that I have read, and influenced my beliefs a lot. You can easily find it online, it's only like 7 pages long, very succinct and well put. On the subject of Italy, yes - the food is amazing, fantastic, and the women are beautiful. It's a shame they all smoke, however!
    6. RevAnarchist
      Yes, I am embarrassed to say I haven't read much of this famous author. In university he was required reading and I did what I had to to get by, however forum the tiny bit I have read, I like pacifists in the mold of Gandi. The wonderful thing about Tolstoy is that he puts a Jesus spin in it where Gandhi was a bit anti christian. I hope to have more time to read soon and he is on my author wish list. Hey, your avatar looks like a young Kurt Godel, another top ten, top five really, hero of mine!
    7. TortoiseDream
      do you like leo tolstoy?
    8. RevAnarchist
      You are welcome, and wise too! It was all true, hey, I have to put my photo up because I guest preach and am a minister/humanitarian mission owner so I might as well!
    9. farra

      Wow thank you for that lovely message re my avatar. I steal pictures, however I do try to match the hair - I have strange white blonde hair and am often accused of using bleach - but it is so fine I am certain it would fall out if I tried it....

      I never put up my picture on the internet except in personal e-mails but you don't need to be concerned I am not, nor ever was a model. I am business for myself so value my privacy - am not paranoid merely prefer non-advertising.

      Photography is a great profession and for many a great hobby - I envy you because there is such joy in creating and capturing reality for all of us. Thanks for your kind
      note. farra
    10. RevAnarchist
      Thank you Jiyuu-Freedom, Love that sc name BTW, and I hope to keep up the fight but with a bit more reverence and grace as Peter suggested! ;

      1 Peter 3:15
      "But dedicate your lives to Christ as Lord. Always be ready to defend your confidence in God when anyone asks you to explain it. However, make your defense with gentleness and respect".

      I have to work on my gentleness and respect a bit eh?
    11. Jiyuu-Freedom
      No my box is not full of p.m.'s. I emptied it yesterday morning. Hey, keep up the good fight. We need more Christians here!
    12. RevAnarchist
      You are welcome Jiyuu. I like your style.
    13. RevAnarchist
      Ok DBM thanks your avatar and his is the same, you are way cooler than the other guy anyway ~
    14. Jiyuu-Freedom
      Thank you for the friend request.

      Jiyuu (Mauri)
    15. DBM aka FDS
      DBM aka FDS
      Sorry... I do not post on that sight... I've never even heard of the sight... Not much of a gamer...
    16. RevAnarchist
      Hi Anarcho tech! Thanks that goes to show you that there is always something new to learn. I will Google it. I have a website that has six hundred evidences for Gods existence, would you like me to PM it to you? The reason for PM is that the author included some not so good evdiences along with the good ones, and I dont want it to be used against us. Thanks again ! ~ ra ~
    17. Anarcho-Technocrat
      You should check out the Grand Uniqueness Argument. This is my argument that entails actual evidence of God.
    18. RevAnarchist
      Thank you and I too wish you and yours blessings and all the good things in life (and after!).

    19. Jiyuu-Freedom
      I don't mind that you stopped by my page. I think many people have because the number is very high. Nice to meet you. My name is Mauri.
      I look forward to reading more of your posts!


    20. HillBilly
      I been looking at some of your posts... you're ok...
    21. RevAnarchist
      Thanks to Rapunzel as well!
    22. RevAnarchist
      She is totally attractive! But I like bedroom eyes more than Betty Davis eyes which the pretty singer has in droves. Anyway thanks for your reply, your gender and your thoughtful posts ! ; }>
    23. Makedde
      No, I am a girl, lol! My avatars are always of girls - I don't know what reality show you are talking about but my ava is a chick called Vanessa Amorosi, she's an Aussie singer. (and she's hot ;))
    24. Rapunzel
      lol...nice drive by...Hi to you too and welcome to PF.
    25. RevAnarchist
      Thank you I am attempting to keep my mouth from getting me in trouble, my rants that I have posted so far will be toned down, I just came from a very liberal site and was getting a thumping there, feel free to edit my posts at will and thanks for the welcome I hope I can become an asset to your fine site.
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