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Jan 18, 2016
    1. Stagnant
      I'm an american citizen with a permanent German visa. Been here about 6 years total.
    2. camp_steveo
      it's all good bro. I got out in 2005. I was in 1/9 cav, 1st cav. I miss the training, but not the war. I miss my friends, but that's life I guess. good talkin to ya.
    3. HillBilly
      Greg , I hope u Mom contionues to get better .

      in thge meantime , hang in there , my friend.

      the fraud charges I filed will soon be moving into the Fed Courthouse in Charlotte , so it may take a few months , but I fully intend to shut this site down .

      It'll be a feather in my hat that I'll wear proudly .

      It's just not a good idea to cheat or lie to a hillbilly .

      give Wuggs a biscut for me , old friend.

      let me know if I need to come your way , just a few miles away , old buddy , if you need me.

      danJR45@YAHOO.COM ...
    4. RevAnarchist
      Hey BD I lost a reply due to this screwed up server. I will try to post again ASAP until then God bless you!
    5. RevAnarchist
      Brother Hillbilly; Thank you for filing a complaint with the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3).Your complaint has been submitted.

      Rev Greg>>> Huh? lol..
    6. RevAnarchist
      Liebe! Its nice to see you here lol. Well mom is pulling out of the last scare, it was a close call. Thanks so much for the kind words. I have less time for recreation or work for that matter lol which might be a good thing in disguise really! If cancer were human I might lose my ticket to heaven (If I have one) because I would hunt it down and rid the earth of it. Cancer got my father too, just three years ago. Both smoke but this area is plagued with too much cancer and URI and disease.

      The entire region is beautiful but poor, so we are crapped upon by large corps. down wind. We get their pollution. It is a bad situation. Anyway they may get a wake up call soon. Sorry for going off on a tangent. How is your part of Germany doing? I get so pissed when the usual suspects attack you. Especially when you are correct (99% of the time from what I’ve seen) and they are so freaking wrong its stupid! Anyway take care Liebe and drop by more often!

    7. HillBilly
      Thank you for filing a complaint with the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3).

      Your complaint has been submitted.
    8. Bored Dead
      Bored Dead
      I support the defense of Israel but acknowledge it's crimes.

      I'm also agnostic, however I have grown up around religious people and find nothing wrong with them or religion.
    9. Liebe
      Reva so sorry about your mom and your ill health. My prayers are with you and I send you blessings from around the globe.
    10. HillBilly
      Man , I hope things are better . I was out your way 2 weeks ago , tried to see if we could have breakfast there at the CB , but never could contact you , guess now I know why .

      It'd be great to see you , since we're such close neighbors , tell Mom to get better , you too , and Wuggs .

      The Prayer candle is always lit , many prayers offered-up for you and Mom .

      let me know what's happening there with y'all , OK ?
    11. clarisse150
      Hi, Reva! I'm really sory and sad for you... I just hope that you will feel better very soon; there's no problem, you answer when you want! Take very care of you, God bless you; I hope see you soon in well health; God bless you!
    12. RevAnarchist
      Hi Hillbilly and Clare, I am sorry for not posting sooner. My Mom is in bad health (cancer and other diseases from smoking) and I almost lost her. Then MY health begin going down hill too, it figgurs eh? I was diagnosed as having heavy metal in my blood from my military service ie depleted Uranium used in tank shells which caused all sorts of other problems. Now, in between caretaking mom and trying to make ends meet all I have time for is a couple of posts on the forum. However, I have no excuse for not dropping you all a short note before this one. I was embarrassed to do that to my best internet friends, and the longer I put it off the worse I felt. So I hope you guys still consider me as your friend. I hope to be back to my normal wordie’ self soon. ~ reva~
    13. HillBilly
      RevA , how's things with you ?
    14. HillBilly
      hey buddy , we sure had a good Spring fishing trip , :-) , ah well , the best time to go fishing is when you get the chance , , we just didn't get the chance , but as I see it , we'll have our fishing trip yet , but it's gonna have to cool off a bit . . .

      Hope All is well .. .
    15. clarisse150
      I'm afraid ride a motocycles, because that I'm sure I will have a problem if I ride one...! I'm really a disaster in road, even when I'm just pedestrian :no:... Thanks you! I've never heard about this film and this actrice!... I don't know if this film exist in France! 1990? Yes, I wasen't born! Did this film is famous?

      God bless you so much my brother Reva :heart:!
    16. clarisse150
      Hi, my brother Reva! I'm sory to answer only now! I was in England, for improve my English, but I don't think that I have improve it very much... I just hope that you will feel better and better, God bless you, my american borther! Yes, I think that it's great to be from some differents countries, like that, we can learn more about foreing cultures; and I'm happy to know an American person because I love USA and American person, as you! You will go to France? That's so great, it's make me happy! Where are you going in France? I hope that I will see you! Thanks, you're to nice! I don't know what I can be... I think I'm always to young for know exactly that!... I just hope that it will be a good job...
    17. RevAnarchist
      Sister Clare said>>>> my American brother Reva!
      Don't wory for that! I'm happy to see your text! You're welcome; I don't know a lot of thing about USA's studies; but there's a lot of films etc... who are come from USA and who speak about this, so, it make me know a little! I don't know if in USA, as in France, there's differents types of bac; in France, there's a lot, but if you want have a good job, that better to choice a "bac général": Scientist, the better, Economics and Social or Literary... I'm bad in sciences, so, I've choice an other bac...

      part two three etc (below) ~ :)
    18. RevAnarchist
      Greg said>>>Good wonderful morning sister! Well I get depressed when I feel so physically rotten that I can not answer my friends letters. Thanks for understanding! Ok so I do not know much about France and you don’t know much about the USA, we will teach each other Ok? I have decided between coming to France or to Israel when I get the time to travel abroad, so I want to learn about France! I like the small towns and real people. Big cities are wonderful but only for a short time. Hmmm’ you would make a great Politician or civil servant. Civil servants in the USA work for the city or state, even the Police are considered civil servants. I know you will excel in anything you choose.
    19. RevAnarchist
      sister Clare said>>>Ahw, it look very different! I don't know a lot of thing about football and sport; I don't do it a lot, I'm not very strong! You are a motor? That's fun, because some people in my family make motorcycle! So, I know a little that sport! Even if I'm never go in a motorcycle. You're called Greg? I think that's a nice name.
    20. RevAnarchist
      Greg>>>Yes I LOVE motorcycles! Ha ha ~ They are dangerous but not that much. If you go on a motorcycle learn to ride yourself. I do not trust anyone well enough to ride behind them. My real name is Greg, but its not half as nice as Clarisse… When I first noticed your name it reminded me of the woman FBI agent character in the movie ‘Silence of the lambs’. Her name is spelled ‘Clarice’ and was played by Jodie Foster.
    21. RevAnarchist
      The Silence of the Lambs is an fine old movie! She also played in another of my favorite movies named ‘Contact’ It too came out in the 1990s (probably before you were born). Its an science fiction adapted from the Carl Sagan novel. She is a scientist who works on a team searching for Aliens, and finds them! Good flick. If you get a chance rent or watch them on DVD. Oh the Silence of the Lambs is R rated, so you may not be able to watch it !

      Take care sister, I will write more soon…your Bro~ Greg.
    22. RevAnarchist
      Hi brother Hillbilly! Those power buttons are the usual suspects of computers, from cheap uns' to top of the line models. I hardly ever turn my computer off so my fans and power supplies are the things that go out on mine. Hows your liver been hanging? Tom Petty says his is hanging by a thread...ha ha ~
    23. HillBilly
      hey buddy , yeah , the power button went out , had to send it back to Samsung , just have got it back .

      Mom and Wuggs doing ok ?
    24. RevAnarchist
      Hi Sister Clarisse! Sorry for the long absence, I will answer all soon...
    25. RevAnarchist
      Hi my friend...nahhhh...its nice to be loved! Clarisse is my sister now! I was considering leaving due to me being a hard head as you say....I meant to answer you and Clarissee before now but my time his been limited on the computer. Domestic stuff calls, ya know? Everything is good now. Take care bro...hey I see your machine is doing fine, what happened?
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