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Nov 7, 2012
    1. Bosco
      TBK, I think you are taking me up the wrong way. I'm not attacking you in any way and to be honest I can comprehend what your are saying about the chuckies. Its the same here when people call themselves republicans and then claim to hate protestants. It doesn't make sense for a number of reasons one it is anti republican and two the republican movement in Ireland was founded by Protestents. I myself am not a supporter of the Republcan Movement, though I understand why the IRA did what they did I have many issues with the tactics which they used. However we on the Irish left would in no way see the Provisionals either the IRA or Sinn Fein as a trotskyite organisation.
    2. Bosco
      I'm not so sure about the historical links with Trotsky. It does have to be said though that the old IRA did have links however slight with the Soviet government during the Irish war of independance in the 1920s. After the civil war from 22- the IRA was in a state of general dissaray, and no doubt in the late twenties and early thirties many members could have been in contact with many different political groups and organisations. For example many members of the IRA and Na Fianna Eireann fought on the republican side during the Spanish Civil War, while simultaneously other members were looking for arms and financial support from the Nazi regime in Berlin. So there were periods of general division where contacts were being made left right and centre, under the old slogan Englands enemy is Irelands friend.
      However when people say the IRA they usually mean, those active in the troubles. Usually a reference to the Provos. In the sixties the IRA did take a turn to the left. However it is without doubt that the likes of Cathal Goudling were not Trotskyites, but were indeed Stalininists who actively sought the support of the USSR. This however neaver really came off. The reason the Provo's split was due to their nationalit focused politics. Joe Cahill and Sean MacStiofán were in no way socialists and that is a point that cannot be over strethed. I will admit that the Provo's did take a left turn at least on paper, when Gerry Adams and McGuiness came to power over O Bradaigh and the old school republicans, though I doubt the sincerity of this and think it was an action of opportunism by the republican movement. My conclusion being that the IRA, either the Stickies or the Provos were Trotskyites.
    3. justonemorevoice
      thanks! not sure what i did to deserve it though. lol.
    4. Bosco
      Hi TBK

      I just came across a comment made on another posters profile, and just need to ask you the IRA trotskyite? C'mon like that is just not accurate.
    5. AnitaMiracle
      Thanks, I love yours too :)
    6. Fame
      rofl...he will read that and want to to fight with tampoons.
    7. Fame
      ya gotta read some of these people .I have never seen this sort of bigotry and ignorance anywhere online.
      man.......closing the gap from 20 to 2 is just humanity
    8. Heroclitus
      Hey TBK it seems you are a Red too!

      I hatge nationalism. To me it is the root of all evil. I started off as an Irish nationalist, my earliest political awakening, and I can see how progressive it was as an anti imperialist ideology. But now it is the single ideology whicg engenders evil in the world... in the USA, China, Britain, France, Eastern Europe, Iran, Israel.... it is nationalism that is the problem. So it's a pet subject.

      Cheers TBK. With Frodly on here we should form a Group. YNWA
    9. frodly
      Since 1998. Though it was more difficult back then. Now with all the different soccer channels on TV in the US, and with faster internet connections, I can watch pretty much every match. Though I have missed all the champs league games this year, because I have school every day during the time the matches are on.
    10. frodly
      I know, I was just joking. That is why I put this :) at the end. How long have you been a liverpool supporter?
    11. frodly
      If you are going to sing the torres song, at least get the lyrics right!! It is "we bought the lad from sunny spain, he gets the ball, he scores again!! Fernando Torres Liverpool number 9" And you call yourself a LFC supporter!! :)
    12. The Big Kahuna
      The Big Kahuna
      That'd be a 1963 Ford Thunderbird :) Glad to see you too!
    13. Kimi
      Hey dude! Glad to see you!

      Love that car in the pic...what is that?
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