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    1. 9/11 was an inside job
      9/11 was an inside job
      Like I mentioned a bit earlier, I have no problem at all with Rose's play on Fosse. However, the ret@rdation required to classify Cobb as a 'criminal' for playing hard within the standards of his era, and then to give Rose a pass for the same thing is astonishing.
      funny,thanks for showing how you ignore facts when proven wrong.To ignore that Cobb was a Criminal because he INTENTIONALLY hurt people where Rose did not,Rose hurt Fosse by ACCIDENT because he would not get out of the way.to ignore that fact like you did is the only thing that is retardation.duh.
    2. 9/11 was an inside job
      9/11 was an inside job
      you are obviously a Bonds fan who cant face facts that Bonds is a cheater and not worthy of the home run records.
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