Another Doctors Organization Promoting Lack Of Responsibility In HealthCare Spending!

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    The Philadelphia Inquirer today published an article by Kaiser Health News highlighting the findings of a report by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine which essentially wants to set off five alarms across America saying America needs to greatly expand, support and utilize Primary Care physicians specifically saying all Americans should choose a Primary Care Physician or be assigned one. This mentality in the medical profession is a big part of why cost of medical care is strangling America it is reducing our standard of living and creating a financial burden on the private and public sector of our society which is extremely hurting America. It is completely legitimate and compelling good promoting amongst the American people that they should identify serious health problems they have and make sure their treating and managing these conditions because these problem(s) can get much worse for people and primary care physicians play a key role in succeeding in this area. But not everyone needs to be getting yearly physicals and running to their primary physician with every health concern and not every health care concern calls for ordering every test that comes to mind of a primary care physician. Doctors and health care administration need to get on board with holding down health care costs and community leaders and health care unions also need to get on board. The health care system should not be looked at as a job creator; people shouldn't go into health care provider offices and see an abundance of people doing administrative work, we've had health insurance for fifty plus years in this country doctors offices used to not have so many administrative staff, doctor office nurses have time to fill out insurance forms on the insurance company's websites. Further, Doctors need to stop with their pushing of pharmaceuticals it is an added costs in the system and pharmaceuticals almost always have a down side that the medical profession doesn't give a fair airing to; pharmaceuticals are chemicals that tax and weaken people's organs over time especially over decades and pharmaceuticals often have a diminishing impact over time and often have negative side effects sometimes significant ones! The only five alarms that should be issued here is the call seeking from inside and outside the medical profession to continually make a concerted top priority effort to hold down health care costs in the system, really it should be considered doctors' and healthcare administrators' patriotic duty!

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