Beware of NKorea's upcoming crime against all humanity

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    1. Chinese authorities reported that a deadly blast that rocked China's port city of Ningbo on 26 November 2017 was caused by the mishandling of illegal explosives at an abandoned factory. The explosion centred on a septic tank near which a truck loaded with illegally manufactured explosives was parked. The blast killed two people and injured at least 30 others, leaving buildings destroyed and streets littered with damaged cars and debris. Two others were reported missing. The force of the explosion shattered windows in nearby apartments, mangled cars and reduced small buildings to rubble, affecting hundreds of residents. The explosion was so powerful that it was heard several kilometres away.

    2. According to

    (Begin excerpts)
    North Korea's nuclear test in September didn't just generate diplomatic shockwaves but also a 6.3 magnitude earthquake.

    Aftershocks have continued ever since, and on Saturday the US Geological Survey said it had detected two more, sparking significant debate about what might be going on underground...

    Experts have expressed concerns the explosion might have been so powerful it could destabilise the surrounding mountains....

    One of the speculations after the September test was that it would damage the tunnel system North Korea has dug into the mountains at its test site...

    It is unclear whether this process already has rendered the current test site unusable but North Korea has hinted its next nuclear test could be above ground... (End excerpts)

    3. Worshipping the three generations of Kim Dynasty's rulers as Korean gods has become part of a state religion. North Korea is essentially a theocracy. The Kim dynasty is premised on loyalty to the top leader, who long has been treated with reverence and said to be capable of super-human feats.

    When we look back at the massive destruction caused by the recent deadly blast in Ningbo, we can't help wondering the absence of any media report on civilian destruction caused by North Korea's six underground nuclear tests. Perhaps the Kim Dynasty's rulers are really an "Unholy Trinity" of gods (consist of grandfather, father and son) who could perform miracles far more miraculous than the world's official religions so much so that not even a single house has collapsed in the aftermath of their nuclear tests. No wonder Fatboy Kim dares to unveil outrageous new propaganda pictures which show the US being completely obliterated by a dozen nukes. If the US retaliates against such an attack, the fat boy may be able to deflect all US nuclear missiles and breathe fire at America like Godzilla.

    4. The only woman Fatboy Kim trusts to deliver his most important propaganda is the auntie newsreader with the "notorious North Korean Mona Lisa smile". She is said to enjoy a high quality of life among the country's elite in the capital - in stark contrast to other more impoverished civilians. It is predictable what will happen to her if she announces the collapse of any building in the aftermath of a nuclear test. She will be wheeled to somewhere and disappeared forever from the North Korean TV screen. Since China and Russia have been outplayed by their North Korean small brother (or rather Big Brother) in power play and state propaganda, it is high time to for them to get their newsreaders to dress in national costumes and speak like the North Korean auntie.

    After joking about the Unholy Trinity, I have to point out a possible disaster faced by all mankind. The rogue regime is pursuing its nuclear ambitions without caring a damn for the lives and welfare of its people. Lately it has hinted its next nuclear test could be above ground. This reveals serious problems caused by geographical restrictions at home for its underground nuclear tests.

    North Korea certainly could not conduct any nuclear test above ground on its own soil without causing more harm to its population as it is a small densely-populated region compared to the US, Russia and China. The rogue regime, however, is determined to pursue its nuclear ambitions without caring a damn for the lives and welfare of all mankind. The alternative places for such tests are off its coasts such as the Sea of Japan or the Pacific Ocean. If the regime goes ahead with such a nuclear test, it will undoubtedly commit a great crime against all humanity. Will all nations (including North Korea's "small brothers" China and Russia) take action to crush the rogue regime like a cockroach? The lungs of humans and other mammals will be filled with radioactive materials blown from the nuclear test site. The water of the oceans will be contaminated with radioactive materials. Radioactive materials will also enter human bodies through the fish and other marine life before most marine animals go extinct.
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