Bicycles vs the Luddites of Singapore

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    PMD vs the Luddites of Singapore.

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    Don't they know that bicycles are at least 5x more time AND energy EFFICIENT than walking? Don't they know that at least 40% of Singaporean are overweight, most have cholesterol problems, 20% have hypertension, over 1/4 are prediabetic or with full blown disease, many are sad/depressed and in desperate need for more sunshine and exercise?

    Don't they know that they will be in big trouble if energy prices increase because Singapore does not possess any fossil fuels underground?

    No, they don't know and that is what results in their Luddite mentality that bicycles shouldn't be on the road NOR on the shared paths even though bicycles are actually the most energy efficient and ubiquitous transportation machine ever invented to date:
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    Maybe Singaporeans pretend too hard by half to appear rich and prosperous. Pedestrians like to stroll along shared paths as if they are tourist at Shangri la hotel. Car drivers want the full 'entitlement' value of their COE paid (actually they just want to avoid traffic jams because that increases their petrol bill), so they blame bicycles for causing the traffic jams. All issues that may be overlooked except for the fact that (1) healthcare costs for sedentary lifestyle diseases is getting exorbitant and (2) Singapore lies at the mercy of energy producing countries. (3) Cars and other motorized traffic takes up too much land area for parking and road space, (4) Singapore is supposed to be a leader at combating global warming.

    Perhaps Singaporeans are just a very ill bred and unbalanced people (pun intended)... many cannot balance on bicycle and are too embarrassed to reveal it, so they prefer to ban bicycles so that nobody will discover their incompetence or deficiency. High SES pedestrians who till now have been able to overtake other pedestrians by the left and right now feel slighted and are jealous of personal mobility devices (PMD) users who behave like ambulances overtaking inconsiderate motorist who fail to give way automatically on a highway. PMDs with loud and efficient bells are able to displace what were once the mighty relatively fast moving pedestrians (in starched business suits) as they are more nimble and can overtake more efficiently. Both the Shangri la and in a rush type high SES pedestrians are thus up in arms about the new king of the shared path.

    Due to long standing sedentary lifestyles, many Singaporeans are also weak and sickly and have such high risk of falling over that they may actually topple each time a PMD 'zooms' past due to the wind movement effect: these pedestrians are genuinely stricken with fear everytime they hear a PMD bell: the consequence of sedentary lifestyles and lack of time in the sun (vitamin D deficiency).

    It is thus no surprise for a nation of LUDDITES to ban the PMD because just like the Medevial Catholics persecuted Galileo Galilei because the truth that the Earth rotated around the Sun contradicted their wayward teachings, likewise, the majority Luddites in Singapore also cannot accept PMD on shared paths.

    Singapore is a Luddite colony and just like the dodo found themselves out classed and outmatched when humans landed in their island, the Luddites of Singapore will follow THE FOOTSTEPS of the Dodo.

    What Singaporeans can only dream of:
    Efficient use of road space for shorter distances, ride bicycle is better:

    "In the space it takes to accommodate 60 cars, cities can accommodate around sixteen buses or more than 600 bikes. As Australia’s population swells and our cities experience ever increasing congestion we need to get smarter about how we use existing road space—including investing more in alternatives such as public transport and cycling—if we are to move people more efficiently and effectively.” said former professional cyclist Stephen Hodge (Australia).
    Münster's iconic 'waste of space' photo keeps on giving - Bikehub -

    - Public transport in Singapore: Ride bicycle is faster.

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