Biden's White House Staff Substandard!

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    Yesterday, the Wall Street Journal had as their principle editorial article a commentary essentially saying President Joseph Biden's White House staff is falling down on the job and that staff personnel like Ron Klain should be replaced. The WSJ couldn't be more right President Biden needs to bring in staff that know how to identify the jobs that need to get done and get those jobs done; he should emulate President Ronald Reagan who brought in very effective and smart figures in James Baker, Don Regan and Howard Baker. The White House staff bungled the fix-up of President Biden's gaffe "For God's sake, this man cannot remain in power". Senator Rob Portman identified the gravity of this mistake when he basically said this past Sunday on one media program that this statement provides major support to Russia's propaganda about the war that Ukraine vis-a-vis America is a threat to Russia that they intend to topple Russia's government. This Biden remark dramatically damages one of the major hopes the Ukrainian people have of ending this war which is that the Russian people acknowledge that this war is completely unjust and it is in the process of destroying their people's reputation as a moral people that will last for generations and so they pressure Vladimir Putin to end this war; but President Biden's remarks provide evidence that the United States's objective for Russia is regime change, toppling Vladimir Putin, so it rallies and solidifies domestic support in Russia for his war in Ukraine! The White House staff should emphatically be advising President Biden that not only do you need to "walk back that remark" you need to "take it back" and acknowledge you were "wrong to make such a statement" which would mitigate the harm from the remark as much as possible which is the best that can be done at this point!

    Another major failure of the White House staff is to bring about the Biden administration getting all the weapons they should be getting to the Ukrainians to be optimally effective in fighting this war against Russia. And make no mistake the administrations meandering and lack of being fully on the job will have consequences to the detriment of the Ukrainian people. Retired Lt. General Mark Hertling who knows his profession well yesterday on CNN made a very pertinent analysis when he said that when an army goes into invade a country only at maximum around forty to fifty percent of the soldiers are front line troops the balance are logistics and support people and in this Russian invasion of Ukraine it is in the front lines where the Russian Army has suffered huge losses some assessment are like forty thousand soldiers so the situation is that Russia's front lines are severely weakened at this juncture. And any common sense judgment about battle strategy is that you take full advantage of an enemy's weakness to maximize your chance of winning the war. Now Ukraine is counter attacking and making some progress but let's examine how Ukraine is often counter attacking, CNN had a piece yesterday where they showed a Ukrainian unit deploying for a counter attack and what it consisted of is a group of Ukrainian soldiers advancing into a wooded area and around every fifth guy had an anti-tank rocket strapped to his back, no Ukranian tanks and they are planning to push back Russian tank units. The British Defense ministry recently said it appears that Russia is planning to cut-off and trap Ukrainian's most experienced units on the front lines in the Donbas the Russian have units at Izyum and of course they have units at Mariupol which they would connect up and tighten the noose on these trapped Ukrainian fighters and wipe them out or capture them, classic Russian military strategy. It is obvious that the Ukrainians desperately need tanks to deteriorate the advancing Russian units and to break through if the Ukrainian units in Donbas get encircled. The issue here is tanks, not combat aircraft, not air defense systems, not high technology; weapons that have been around since World War I - the Ukrainian military should be swimming in tanks. The Biden Administration should have a third of America's fleet of chinook helicopters in Europe picking up tanks from Nato and non-Nato countries and running relays with the chinooks to transport these tanks to the border of Ukraine and hand them off to the Ukrainian military.

    From news reports the American policy is that they are working to get the Ukrainian army precious S300 Surface-to Air systems, the task that needs to get done is to work out the arrangement with Nato allies where the Nato allies will deliver their S300 systems and the U.S. will help these Nato countries replace them with higher quality Patriot systems. The White House staff should be demanding that the DOD lawyers be in those European capitals yesterday offering generous deals to replace these S300 like determine what is the lower cost how much the U.S. paid for the Patriot batteries it will be delivering or replacement cost for the battery and lop off thirty percent of that price and give the European country credit for the fair market price of the S300 they will be giving the Ukrainians and make the offers and if the European country doesn't accept the deal shame the hell out of them by making the offer public so they look like low-lifes. The White House staff needs to get on the job because in no longer than like one month time the Russian army will have taken the entirety of the eastern portion of Ukraine up to the Dnieper river. The top Russian General has acknowledged that the Russian Army is going to prioritize the Donbas region, Mariupol is encircled, the writing is on the wall; the one hope that the Ukrainians have are that Ukrainian fighters are better than Russian fighters but you cannot win battles without the necessary weapons and this is America's role getting such and at the current time it appears like America is dropping the ball!

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