BREAKING: Ilhan Omar Splits From Second Husband As Questions About Marital History Heats Up, Report

Discussion in 'United States' started by US Conservative, Jul 26, 2019.

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    I get your weariness but understand that this guy, at his heart, is a counterpuncher, it is who he has always been. I don't see that changing.

    I served (military, one active duty tour 3+ years-not during a declared action/war and in municipal safety forces, first as a police officer then a firefighter/medic for four decades) and have had family serve (safety forces and military) and are still serving (military and safety forces) since at least since WWI, maybe Civil War-not sure, to this moment. In my opinion/experience the military, in rules of engagement, treatment and equipment fare much better under a Republican President as they (vs. Dem Presidents) are typically supporters of a strong military/national defense. President Trump is of that ilk. My family members will have a better chance of successful missions and surviving those missions because of President Trump's mindset regarding our Military members/National Defense. Family members currently serving in law enforcement have a better chance of not being assassinated than they did during President Obama's time. President Trump has not targeted law enforcement officers with disparaging and damning comments as President Obama did. I suspect that, at his heart, President Trump loves his country and fellow countrymen.

    As to a loose cannon. That cuts at least two ways, in my opinion. One, our enemies think they need to go to war first (bad) or Two, let's not push this President because America (Congress and President Trump) will go to war against us (beneficial). I think President Trump is viewed as a leader who will not make a threat or draw a line in the sand and let the enemy cross it without following through on his promise of action. I think President Trump's demeanor gives pause to our enemies and a few of our lukewarm allies. This keeps America and Americans safer than they were under President Obama (Iranians have not taken politicians/embassy staff or U.S. Navy Sailors hostage as happened under President Carter and President Obama respectively). I am not blaming these Presidents, they were simply perceived as weak by our enemies, due to their words/inactions. President Trump demeanor does not suffer this perception.

    Two things I see in President Trump he is a leader, not a polished politician concerned with optics and he carries through on his word and commitments. I'll take that over a polished empty suit or leader who sees America as a problem that needs to be fundamentally and radically changed. Just my opinion. Maybe a tad biased/selfish as I do love and pray for my family members who are currently in harms way and my country who has enemies within Her borders and from overseas plotting to take Her down.

    BTW I like the picture of your dog in your Avatar. Have a couple of rescues. Have a German Shepard that is just the friendliest of souls.
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