Canada Ulikely to "Cave" on NAFTA

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    "When trading partners become sparring partners"

    "No, Canada can’t cave. We need to remain resolute and prepare for the discomforts that can come with standing one’s ground.

    Whether we will find enough others to purchase our farm products, oil, lumber, ore and discounted hydroelectricity remains to be seen. We – all of us – will certainly pay a price, as happens in a trade war, regardless of who declared it.

    Sorry, but sometimes it hurts to do the right thing."

    Peace Arch News Editorial

    Entire editorial HERE.
    This is from a Canadian newspaper serving a border town with a lot to lose if NAFTA falls through.

    The question for us: do we want Trump to toss out a trading relationship with our largest market for American manufactured goods, where we have a trade surplus snd preferred access to the second largest supply of raw materials in the world?

    Congress will have to vote to end NAFTA. Tell your Senators to keep Canada close.
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