Cops kill innocent hostage victim, but no law enforcement deaths

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    So it's all good.

    4 people dead. One hostage and one motorist.

    TWO INNOCENT PEOPLE dead because cops love to blast away.

    Cops just want to get home at the end of the day. All good.

    Two suspects tried to rob a jewelry store in South Florida. They exchanged gunfire with the owner of the jewelry store, and an employee suffered injuries. Officers responded to the scene within a minute and a half of a silent alarm in the store being triggered, but did not exchange fire with the suspects there. The robbers then hijacked a nearby UPS truck, abducting its driver, Frank Ordonez, age 27. A fleet of law enforcement vehicles gave chase. The chase was "terminated" 20 miles away. Officers opened fire on the truck, killing the hostage along with the two robbers. A nearby motorist on the freeway was also killed.
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