D.L Hughley Offers Poor Leadership On Race Issue!

Discussion in 'Immigration' started by JimfromPennsylvania, Aug 10, 2018.

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    D L Hughley was on the Chris Cuomo CNN show this thursday on an episode about racism in America. I believe basically he is a good guy but I found some of his comments disturbing like his comment "that white people don't get to decide what racism is" and something like Donald Trump can be a total racist and eighty-nine percent of his white supporter will still vote for him implying a lot of Donald Trump supporters are racist. Listen Mr. Hughley if your hosting your radio program you can utter as much irresponsible leftist extremist remarks as you want, the Rush Limbaugh and other right wing radio host throw irresponsible red meat and pandering to the followers for hours a day day in and day out our society has disintegrated because the wealthy owners that own those stations like that dysfunction because if their stations offered good public debate forums public momentum might build to some some of the country's problem which the owners don't want because their interests could be negatively effected by such positive developments.

    But Mr. Hugely when you come on real journalist programs like the Cuomo program be responsible viewers watch those programs to become educated and responsible citizens and human beings they don't need to hear guests spewing illegitimate comments one would hear on the street from people that solely want to indulge their ego. Needless to say but said for the record Mr. Hughley all races in America get to decide what racism is because all races should be treated equally and the determination of racism is based on fairness not politics. Secondly, when Donald Trump travels on his racist paths like when he said a Judge should recuse himself because he was of Mexican heritage, and when he criticized the Muslim Gold Star family in a discriminatory manner and when he equated those opposing white supremacists with actual white supremacists at the Charlottesville, VA march White Americans who were political supporters of Donald Trump zealously spoke out against Mr. Trumps racism.

    CNN and major cable channels like them need to have a course correction on this demographic change issue you are losing your journalism impartiality when you slapping the racist tag all over people that claim their is a wrong done here to White America. I haven't researched the issue and I am just speaking off the cuff here but I know enough facts to recognize a wrong being done here. The common statistic bantered around in the public debate is that there is eleven million illegal immigrants in America mostly Hispanic; the truth is that the number is probably much higher like twenty plus million America is only a country with 300 million people twenty million is a significant percentage. I am a baby boomer American when I was a youngster you never saw or heard widespread things in Spanish now ones bombarded with the choice of either english or spanish throughout ones life in America. Statistics say that in the last fifty years Hispanic demographics have exploded in America I am not anti-Hispanic we are all God's children Hispanics are good people but a fair increase in the Hispanic Demographic has not taken place the melting pot policy of America has not been respected now America's policy seems to be there is two pots an Hispanic pot and a melting pot and that is wrong and this has largely been caused by illegal immigrant. This White American believes and probably a lot of other White Americans and non-white Americans believe that if this demographic change continues where America sees a flooding of Hispanics from south of America's border into America America is going to see those horrendous and tragic problems in Mexico and countries south of Mexico taking control of our country problems like corrupt police, rampant murder of politicians and journalists, rampant extortion, dysfunctional governments and widespread poverty. This writer is not a supporter for ending the diversity lottery and family reunification priorities in giving out visas but the illegal immigration problem has to be really solved Americas fate as a good country rests on it and we do not need a rhetorical solution which the Democrats only seem to be offering a real solution requires the jobs spigot for illegals in America to be permanently shut down which will require law enforcement to be mandated to investigate every multiple use of social security numbers in all America's workplaces and the illegal immigrant wrongfully using that number picked-up held in custody run through the immigration courts and deported! This isn't White racism this is responsible citizenship seeking to protect the many assets of American culture in grave danger from this problem!

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