Do you understand the difference in the republican from 1984 - today ?

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    1984 - 2016 : We need cheap goods from china, it helps our people save money. Why would someone want to pay 30$ for a lawn chair when they can buy it for $10 ? Plus, who are we to stop a corporation from moving overseas ? It is their business and they have the right to do whatever they want.
    Republican 2017 - today : CHina is a Commy country, they are stealing our intellectual property, selling us JUNK, ruining our working class, lowering their dollar value, They are bad bad people. They stole it all from us.

    These are all things Democrats and normal working class people told you would happen if you gave all the jobs away. Destroy the working class and the unions. Yet, so many oky doky nitwits bought into it. Today, they speak as if a democrat spoke 20 years ago. The same Jargon you bashed 20 years ago when Trump said it, you repeat it today as HONEST.

    Goes to show you just how manipulated MSM, FOX, TRUMP, the republican party with their absolute silence can have on people gullible enough to believe everything they hear, if told to them in the right way. Fools ! and their RED Hats !
    Obama did the same thing to the middle, gonna bring back good wages, and so much more... Both puppets to the Billionaire class and you people keep doing exactly what they want. Your suckers, not all of ya, but most of ya !
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    This kind of economic mentality started with Jimmy Carter during the 1970s. Not with the Republicans.

    The first major hit was the textile/clothing industry.

    Your attempt at revisionist history is about as obvious as Spike Lee showing Richard Nixon posters in his movie, "Black Klansman," when they really should have been George Wallace posters.

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