FED & Plunge Protection Team Buying stocks as we struggle

Discussion in 'Economics & Trade' started by Quadhole, Jul 1, 2019.

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    We know now that Trump told Mnuchin, Mnuchin told the PPT to buy stocks back in December propping up the market. The deregulation allowing Big Corps like Apple to Buy back their own stocks is destroying the country from within.
    The Makret is up big today and it has no bearing on the working class in a good sense. In fact, it hurts all the working class. It gives Americans the false sense that the Economy is good and this is why the Political regime is Buying stock with Govt Money.
    The FED wants to buy too and they are on the verge of getting a bill passed secretly to allow it. Then we become Japan and only the very top half of the 1% will make money.

    Please take the time to look at your 401K state. Over the last 9 months most of the Market is down. But as today progresses, you will think all is great because the Media is projecting it as such. We are in for the big fall.

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