Gabor Mate on the misuse of anti-semitism and why fewer Jews identify with Israel

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    This is an interview between Aaron Mate and his father Gabor. Both are Jews. Aaron is left wing and reports on the same kind of thing as and often with Max Blumenthal. Gabor now around 76 was a Doctor and while doing that noticed that there was not just a physical dimension to his patients illness but also a psychological/spiritual. He became very interested in this, started to work with them on this level also and has written about it. He also spent a long time working with addicts and believes most of us are addicted - himself included. He works now with others towards healing particularly working with people working for attachment, healing and healthy development of children and their relationship with their primary carers as well as continuing his own journey of self discovery.

    Here they are questioning how antisemitism is being used at the moment with connection to Israel. Gabor goes into his own experience. His disillusionment with Zionism and other things and how it is a freeing thing to get disillusioned. He talks about antisemitism which is real and cannot be ignored. He talks about his own personal experience with Israel and what he experienced in the West Bank and his own views. He speaks about how the 67 war was a war to occupy intended by Israel with no belief that they were in danger. He speaks about how this brought American Jews into being interested in Israel. How before that they kept quiet about it but after it became clear that the US was on the same page as Israel and now it was a positive sign for an American Jew to support Zionism. He talks about the danger of identifying with a particular view. How you can wrongly then see criticism of that view, or person or country as an attack on you rather than objectively being able to look at the situation. He speaks about how some Jews have come out with something to do with taking back Judaism from Zionism. Bringing Judaism back to where it was a vehicle looking for things such as social Justice. That intent I have been reading Jews particularly at JFJFP talking about for years so it looks like something new has happened in that regard. Gabor talks about how he finds it 'inspiring' that so many young Jews are breaking with the tendency to identify with Zionism and are instead looking for the truth. He then speaks about how in 67 after research he wrote an article to the local paper and said 'Israel started this war. Quite deliberately. It doesn't matter what it looks like in the media This is what happened'. and Aaron's grandfather, his own father threw him out of the house. He forgives him as he had suffered slave labour for being a Jew and further says that towards the end of his life, his father began to criticise Israel and joined an organisation called 'Jews for Justice'. Gabor believes among American/Canadian Jews at the moment two things are happening. As the generations which identified with the holocaust gets older and dies, there is less fear in the new generation which arises and secondly he believes the contradiction between American Society and the America Global Empire is becoming more clear to people. He believes that also sheds light on the Israel Palestinian conflict. He believes these things are responsible for what he sees as a massive rise in Jews from these countries being able to simply look at what Israel is doing, look at the truth of it from their own values and not feel the need to identify with Zionism.

    Both these men have integrity and Gabor has plenty of humility as well. I would imagine that as long as people are open, they will get something from this interview.

    I am not intending answering any disrespectful broken records from people not interested in anything but their broken record ;)

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