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Discussion in 'Law & Justice' started by Brett Nortje, Apr 18, 2017.

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    There is a constant problem in society where gangs seem to provoke society, as, society cannot do anything without being hurt, yes? these gangs roam around and make a horrible life for so many decent citizens.

    So, what do they want? maybe if we could give it to them they would leave the normal people alone? maybe the best way to do it is to have everybody talk to them? i am familiar with leaders that like to stay in the shadows - taking all the mystery out of gangsterism might be the best way? i mean, if the people, lots of them, just walk up to a gangster and talk to them about stuff... what will they say to the people?

    Everybody is under the same social goals as everybody else. if this is true, so am i, so i can write about this stuff, yes? if the people were to accept the gangsters, who would they fight? i am not saying do drugs with them, i am saying that admitting them into the society around them, and then being indifferent to them 'when they are naughty,' they would seek the people to come worship them more often, and would do less immoral acts, yes? i mean, everybody thinks they are being worshipped if people walk up to them and talk to them, conversing normally with them, taking the bad image away from them! imagine some bad dudes just becoming non mysterious and not so feared - what is to be scared of? true, when they are left alone, they commit immoral acts, but by this visiting them and maybe making them feel foolish in their ways, it could work out?
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    Gangs revolve around illegal sales, extortion, well just, anything illegal that they can offer without paying taxes. This causes turf wars, and spawns rivals. Drugs being the major reason gangs exist, IMO.
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    What gangsters want is money. They aren't fussy about the ethics of their methods in obtaining it. Talking to them will not change their objectives or moral stance.

    I think you are mistaken. Not everyone shares the same goals and priorities as everyone else. But you are allowed your opinion.

    No. Ignoring immoral acts is the same as rewarding them. The problem is not that society is too harsh, but that gangsters are doing wrong. Failure to take notice and punish wrongdoing is allowing the reward of that wrongdoing to stand uncontested.

    Spoiling a child, allowing him to escape the consequences of his actions and indulging his every whim is not worship. That is what you are proposing here. The result of the actions you propose will lead to a sense of entitlement among the gangsters, not a feeling of foolishness.
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    The Donald goin' after MS-13...
    AG Sessions: 10,000 MS-13 Gang Members in USA; ‘We're Going After Them’
    April 19, 2017 – It's up to the State Department to designate MS-13 as a terrorist organization. But regardless of whether that happens, “We’re going after them,” Attorney General Jeff Sessions told Fox News’s Tucker Carlson Tuesday night.
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    Trump Says Illegal Aliens Who 'Murdered People, Raped People' Are 'Getting the Hell Out'
    April 18, 2017 | President Donald Trump said Monday that many people are thanking him for getting rid of the “burden” of criminal aliens.
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