Gun buyback scheme starts

Discussion in 'Australia, NZ, Pacific' started by wombat, Jul 13, 2019.

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    A shameless liar. She is a good fit.
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    Unfortunately, No amount of study will find a decline in any deaths due to something you have removed from the equation. You cannot show the accident didn't happen because you painted the car red. BUT let me say this, while I cannot prove or show in any way, I feel in my heart and my mind that the Gun laws in Australia has prevented many episodes that may have occurred in gun crime. That being said, I don’t exactly agree with the laws in total in Australia.

    However, With mass shootings becoming a weekly or monthly occurrence, isn’t it time that Americans realise that removing the rights to own guns for people who would use them to infringe on others rights is not just optional but necessary???

    Honestly, setting standards on who should be allowed the right to gun ownership and sticking to them would be so much more important than sitting on your hands and ignoring the constant killings of the children of America so somebody can retain a right they should never have. In military gun security is paramount, why should it be different in private??? Hold people accountable for the use of their weapons in shootings. If they simply remove the guns from the mentally unstable, possibly saving the lives of 2, 5 or 50 people. Wouldn’t that be worthwhile???

    How many people have to die, before the people of America stand up and demand better??? Just take the guns out of the hands for those who shouldn’t possess them. It isn’t rocket science. I would have thought, even the NRA would support such an effort to protect the American people.[/QUOTE]
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