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Hard to argue against the fact that Trump said there is a swamp in Washington

Discussion in 'Elections & Campaigns' started by logical1, Mar 30, 2017.

  1. jrr777

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    Aug 18, 2015
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    This guy must think that one man can bring the world to peace and safety, a world of no wrong doings, everything perfect. Thus he must also think that it only requires one man to bring it down.
    Are you kidding me, it takes an army, usually two or more (winner and loser). Unfortunately military personal of today, are still in the past and have no problem killing millions when ordered. They do it for an oath and honor, just like clear back in the Roman days (entire history of man). Their leaders could be lying to them, but they don't care they simply follow orders. How is it a man can walk up to a group of people and order them to kill millions, and even with the state of conscience today, they do it? Why is it our leaders do not want our military personal to be openly "political"? Should they not know why they are killing people? Should they not have a voice on the political aspect of the country they are willing to lose their life for? Is the truth not worth fighting for? And is finding the truth and preserving it, not the most important thing we should do? I believe we do need a military as of now, and I respect our soldiers and those who protect us. However, they bring a lot of atrocities on themselves, killing when asked and not caring why. The implications are lost ones, those of missing limbs, PTSD, and so much more. And for what, what is the United States Military doing in the middle east? What is the end goal? I mean you don't take to the streets guns and armor for those you think might break into your house, you have the guns and armor ready for when it happens. "Defense" not offense. Bring'em home, defend from and of our land and seas. Put military bases on the border. There's our wall. With American technology and bases on the borders, there is really no sense in spending money on a wall. I believe a nation does need borders, I just disagree with Trumps tactic on this one. It would also provide real-time training for soldiers preventing those who attempt to break through the back door. Using unmanned drones, radar, the entire arsenal. It's also a very effective strategic way to defend the country.

    Truth should not be classified. Lies, deception, evil, and wrong doings is exactly what's classified/top secret. "Well if we give out the truth then our enemies will know". So, let them know! What are they gonna do? Besides, fighting for the truth should be the only thing worth fighting for.

    Trumps trying to clean up the Clintons all the way up to Obama. Both sides have been dealing in evil schemes. It must come abroad, and be known. Think of it like a huge college party. Everything is going great until morning, then somebody has a severe mess to clean up. Trump's doing the cleaning, and it's going to get nasty. He might even want to put on some gloves.
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  2. For Topical Use Only

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    Sep 21, 2011
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    Poor little Donny, he'll fail, of course, but his cult membership are all instructed to blame anyone who isn't a cult member, or 'leftists' as they call them, for getting in his way. Then comes years of 'if only we'd been allowed to take the gloves off', which is the battle cry of the armchair warrior on their way to the fridge for more beer.
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