How can you be proud of your political party?

Discussion in 'Political Science' started by Greenleft, Jan 11, 2021.

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    From the outset I must confess that this question is directed primarily (but not exclusively) at American political parties.

    I understand the appeal of political parties. They are an easy organizational tool to determine the direction a government is working toward and it helps politically participating people find other like minded people to work with.

    But they can also raise issues that people are pressured to promote the agendas of their leaders or work with people you have little in common with JUST so you can be part of the political process because there is little alternative method.

    This is especially true for big tent/catch all parties like The Democrats and Republicans in the United States. In countries with multi party politics, it's easier to be comfortable within your political party. Many parties are democracies within democracies where the membership have much say within how the political party is run. Not so with my country unfortunately. Here in Indonesia, political parties come and go like seasons and are primarily one man/woman vehicles for rich individuals to gain power.

    Anyway, with a NO party system (as is the case in the US state Nebraska and the territories of northern Canada), it might seem at first uncertain if a government is headed in a conservative or a progressive direction, but that's OK. Each individual legislator is free to form their own political opinion on a case by case basis. No left-right nonsense.

    With no parties, that would mean no party list electoral system. But that does not mean an unfair voting system for representative democracy. There is of course the ranked choice system to name but one example.

    Anyway up until recently, being a Republican or Democrat did not really mean much. You may make the arguments that conservative or progressive politics are what it means to be a patriot, but you don't need to wear a red or blue jersey while promoting your beliefs.

    At the end of the day, how can you call yourself a proud Democrat or a proud Republican as opposed to a Proud American? I can say the same for other countries, and if there are any non Americans who wish to answer this question from their political perspective, please do so.
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    I have never understood the mentality myself but I don't associate myself with either party. Particularly living in the South, I am well aware that the democrats history with race relations is a pretty damned dark one. I stopped and read a historical sign today in my city about its worst race riot in the city's history. Happened after the civil war when the local democrats unhappy that the new black majority ousted them from local power began shooting into crowds of them and began the push to create some of the state's most regressive Jim Crow laws to get back into power.

    Power is what it really all comes down to. Neither party is particularly responsible with it but they would both sell their soul to have it.

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