I believe Covid 19 was engineered as a response to animal cruelty

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    As we all know dogs are the second most intelligent mammal only second to dolphins.

    Also it's clearly apprant that dogs have cunning and ambition. Evidence of this is how they have infaltrated human society in general and in some cases allied themselves with humans that are in positions of power. Heck dogs were able to even infaltrate the Whitehouse when Obama was president. I don't think we need anymore proof.

    Now this brings us nicely to covid 19 and the animals in the Chinese wet market it originated in. I believe it is not a coincidence that it originated in a place animals (especially dogs) were in the most horrible conditions.

    We now have motive.

    The world is more interconnected information is more easily shared and word travels faster. Pair that with the fact that there was a bio lab close to where the virus was created. No doubt dogs were observing and learning from workers from the lab and labs from all over the world have been doing the same.

    We now have motive, skills and means.

    Is it not possible that the virus was engineered as a direct response to miss treatment and possibly a successful attempt to overthrow humanity.
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