If your country was an animal, what animal would it be?

Discussion in 'History and Culture' started by The Rhetoric of Life, Mar 13, 2018.

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    Wow, seeing UK stand up to Russia yesterday, British MEPs stand up for Trump in the EU and warning the EU against a hard Brexit this morning...

    I'm starting to see my country like a little honey badger.

    Sure sure, some might say that British is a lion roaring and awakens to roar from time to time like WII and Napoleon and whatever, but... If I didn't know better, given what I've seen Britain do in 48 hours;
    "wow, like a honey badger."
    is what my country reminds me of given everything I've seen (and threaded about in Western Europe).
    IDK, maybe we're bigger than even I give us credit for, but, IDK, to me, Britain's like a honey badger.

    My country is like a honey badger, and that's one animal not even lions like messing with.
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