Is Bellingcat independent indeed?

Discussion in 'Other/Miscellaneous' started by Jane Foster, Feb 13, 2020.

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    So the main point: Bellingcat does have connection to the Atlantic Council (which itself has issues with funds and ties and thus might had been used as a money proxy) and more to it - is financially connected to the notorious Society Foundation that doesn’t need to be introduced other than by the name of its founder - George Soros. So Eliot Higgins is quite low on discussing that while shaking shoulders like «so what, we’re independent, I swear!»

    Next. He also stated that they use all available data such as web and data bases found online, but how many of them have been reported to authorities (as of their clearly outlaw origins)? I bet - none. So it it okay to form accusations upon such a data? While having zero evidence of the data not being fake.

    The only thing I have to agree with Elliot is that «Russian Hysteria» is enormous and many got tired of it. So, mr. Higgins, if you’re tired too why not put an end to it? Well, it’s a rhetorical question in a given situation as his bosses will not allow him to do so.

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    Bellingcat is a fraud in so many ways. Pure propaganda they dispense. Constant repetition of false narratives. My bet is they work for Israel or the US CIA.

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