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    1. Employ yourself on a 0 hours contract at your own company and become part time so you don't have to pay tax and work as much/little as you want under a certain amount of hours.
    2. Invest into a publicly traded company that gives you a return so you receive money from your investment so you pay dividends tax.
    3. Have a day job. - If steps 1 & 2 are done, your salary becomes your take home pay and you, doesn't matter how much you earn, that income becomes tax free.
    In the UK.

    There's one that interests me in Ireland to do with American companies and also...

    For personal reasons alone little lone this; I want to have a base in Delaware to give me access to a high interest savings account, turn an LTD (what the UK call an LLC) into an MNC (multinational corporation) if I appoint someone to the board of a company in America and in DE, your office doesn't have to be in DE, but, I would like a Green Card because I have family in PA and NJ who I've been meaning to stay close to and well... That's how I first learned of Delaware... I've been there; we know Delaware, despite their lucrative corporate laws and maybe live out an American dream in America employing too and earn my Green Card that way.

    Well that's the idea anyway...

    The climate always changes and tbh, UK leaving the EU is unchartered.
    For personal reasons I chose London because it's where I'm from and I'm a British Citizen since birth.
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