Mike Pompeo Has Extreme Views on Muslims

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    1. ...At an evangelical church in his district that specializes in addressing “Satanism and paranormal activity” — and standing in front of a Christian flag — Pompeo in 2015 spoke of the “struggle against radical Islam, the kind of struggle this country has not faced since its great wars.” He warned that “evil is all around us,” citing reports of terror plots, and cautioned the congregation not to be deterred by those who might call them “Islamophobes or bigots.”

    Pompeo need not have been worried. Despite his own shocking track record, he has ascended to one of the most powerful jobs in the U.S. government. Despite his bigoted statements and Islamophobic associations, he continues to be the subject of profiles in the liberal press that make no mention of said bigotry or Islamophobia. As Matt Duss, foreign policy adviser to Sen. Bernie Sanders, tweeted on Monday: “Anti-Muslim bigotry is still something that won’t get you in trouble in DC.”

    2. Mike Pompeo is the Great Anti-Islamic Emperor Trump's mouthpiece and "most loyal soldier". Despite being an Islamophobe and a racist, he assumes the mantle of championing for Muslims worldwide. In particular, he is busy propagating his anti-Islamic master's allegation about China's discrimination against Muslim minorities. It is a case of a murderer shouting "murder" to distract attention from his crime.

    P.S. China is reportedly planning to restrict visas for US visitors with anti-China links as a retaliation against US sanctions on Chinese officials allegedly mistreating Muslim minorities.

    Trump and Pompeo are undoubtedly the topmost US officials with anti-China links. :smile:

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