No Guarantee That Battle 2 will be like Battle 1 In Ukraine!

Discussion in 'Russia & Eastern Europe' started by JimfromPennsylvania, Apr 7, 2022.

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    The Battle for Eastern Ukraine is going to be much tougher for the Ukrainians than the Battle for Kyiv contrary to the experts. People need to stop assuming the next battle is going to be a repeat of the last one! The Media has these retired U.S. generals who granted are very knowledgeable and capable in war fighting coming out with the assessment that essentially Russia doesn't have the wherewithal to take the eastern part of Ukraine. They point to the fact that the Russian military is deficient in so many metrics: coordination between the various types of military units when making an offensive on the battlefield, resupply-logistics, equipment maintenance, etc.. They point to the fact that the Russian army in the Battle of Kyiv lost like 650 tanks, 150 planes over a 1000 armored personnel carriers, etc. These Generals aren't using common sense, the Russians still have firepower to level the entire of eastern Ukraine three times over; when the Russians started the Ukrainian war they had 500 planes dedicated that means they still have 350 planes left when they started the war they had something like fifteen thousand tanks that means they still have over fourteen thousand tanks left. Not only can the Russians bring to bear annihilating fire power but the fact that the fighters in the Russian army don't warrant the grade of soldiers but rather the characterization of criminals and animals doesn't rule out that the Russians could still win this battle because these fighters know how to kill and with that ability they could bring about the Russian Army winning the fight for Donbas. Remember around 2014 when the ISIS fighters in northern Iraq had won the battle for northern Iraq and were threatening Baghdad and so President Obama sent in U.S. forces and turned the war around for the Iraqi people; yes ISIS fighters were barbarians were animals the way they treated Iraqi civilians just like Russian fighters, now imagine if back then ISIS had air superiority over Iraq and could cover the battlefield with artillery guns and tanks - ISIS would have taken over Baghdad if not the whole country - the amount and severity of lethal weapons that a side in modern war has matters to the outcome of that war that is just basic common sense. Moreover, difficulty in the strategic tasks for the Battle for Eastern Ukraine has reversed from the Battle of Kyiv; in the Battle of Kyiv the Russians had to maintain supply lines vulnerable to enemy firepower, the Ukrainians didn't have this problem now for the Battle of Eastern Ukraine, the Ukrainians are going to have the supply line problem specifically the supply lines to their front lines bordering the separatist areas in Donbas are going to be in the range of Russian artillery or almost certainly will once the battle gets well underway plus at some time during the battle the Ukrainian forces front lines will be cut and Ukrainian forces will be encircled so Ukrainian forces will have to be able to retreat meaning moving weapon systems to a defensible area and this movement will have to be conducted under exposure to Russian artillery! During this battle Russia will have a much easier job supplying their troops their supply lines will run through areas in Ukraine they have controlled for weeks now! It is not suggested here that Russia will likely win the Battle for Eastern Ukraine, it is suggested that the Ukrainians have a really tough and hard fight in this battle and whether the Ukrainians win really depends how well the Ukrainians fight and whether they can maintain that high performance level of fight for the long period that Vladimir Putin could subject them to!

    Also, the American government should do more to help the country of Poland with the Ukrainian refugee problem; two million plus refugees is a number that risk levels of collapse in Poland! America should be providing an abundance of financial aid to Poland to reduce the reduce this refugee burden; having situations like ten people living in a two bedroom apartment is not a sustainable plan. America's offer to take 100K refugees is shameful we should offer to take triple that amount and the normal refugee processing takes way too long; take women and children and old people now, such people are not likely security risk, give these people visas where they can work and put them into the Temporary Protected Status/ Deferred Action program so they won't run into any problems with ICE!
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