PMD transportation is the Sixth Pillar of Total Defence for Singapore.

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    PMD transportation is the Sixth Pillar of Total Defence for Singapore.



    Military Defence: NSmen can still report for duty even if the MRT train line is bombed and streets are impassible because in desperation, car drivers bang and quarrel with each other. NSmen will use the PCN network to get to their out of the way army camps, even during public transportation after hours.
    Diplomacy is part of military defence. As the reputation of Singapore improves as a credible think tank for climate change solutions by reducing our carbon footprint, there will be less hostility against Singapore by the citizens in foreign countries as they view Singapore with respect and not with suspicion.

    Singapore, high carbon footprint per capita:

    Civil Defence: PMD- bus lanes on public roads operating 24/7 will be used by public service vehicles like police ambulances etc, ensuring fast response to all emergencies including little India riot whereby police were blocked by gridlock traffic along Serangoon Road etc. Personal Mobility Devices (PMD) using the bus lanes will be single file during peak periods and police vehicles can easily overtake along the extra wide PMD-Bus lanes. Terrorist also avoid targeting Singapore because they know that the transportation network will allow police and emergency services to intervene in double quick time.

    Economic Defence: Costs of transportation will be reduced resulting in increased productivity because PMD only costs less than half cents per km in electricity costs to operate. Singaporeans will not be held hostage to high fuel prices and will still be able to work even if petrol is in short supply because enemy drones sabotaged Singapore Jurong Island refineries or exploded our petroleum stores. Many government and health tourists will come to Singapore to learn about how PMD transportation is a key to our city in a garden philosophy and also such an ecosystem is beneficial to human and environmental health.
    More personalised transportation options also means that last mile bus transportation which is highly polutive, inefficient and clumsy can be reduced as people use PMD to get around and also bring them into the MRT if they wish to.


    Social Defence: People live more harmoniously together without the barriers between each other caused by private car ownership and use. People will mingle more when using PMDs in parks and recreational areas. Cleaner air, more parks and greenery, a more active lifestyle will translate into lower healthcare costs and a better quality of life. Many Grabfood riders riding around also keep watch on the safety of society and provide immediate first aid should they come across victims in distress.

    Grab food delivery rider restraining a youth from kicking a Chinese man fallen on to the floor.:

    Psychological Defence: people and government are not held hostage by terrorist who try to bomb MRT and petroleum refineries and storage areas. People feel self independent and included in society because it is easy to afford a PMD (wide range of price points for personal motorised vehicle transportation options) and nearly everywhere in Singapore is accessible 24/7 on one full charge of PMD battery (~40km max range).

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