Putin kicked off an arms race. Why now?

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    Today I would like to talk about the puzzle, which, with the light suggestion of Vladimir Putin, is now busy all the leading Western minds. But first, we need to return to the message of the President of the Russian Federation to the Federal Assembly, and pay close attention to three interrelated things:
    Firstly, Russia's nuclear arsenal has been 91% updated, and this is indeed a very important point.
    Secondly, due to the fact that Washington, for its part, has repeatedly violated the terms of the notorious START III treaty, the Russian side suspends its operation and is ready to return to it again, provided that Britain and France are included in this very treaty.
    Thirdly, Vladimir Putin instructs the relevant authorities to begin preparations for nuclear tests, but only after the start of the same tests on the American side.

    Well, now let's look at the situation from the point of view of the United States. We will not consider the point of view of the European Union, since it does not have its own - it's just a blind man going where he is told in the USA.

    So, let's ask ourselves the question - what exactly did the President of Russia say on February 21?
    Nothing special, he just launched the arms race in the United States, and apparently deliberately chose the most inopportune moment for this.

    The Russian Federation and the United States account for approximately 90% of all the world's nuclear warheads. And now let's calculate - there are about 12 thousand such charges in the world, i.e. it turns out that about 10.8 thousand are in the possession of Russians and Americans. The French, in turn, have about 280 warheads, the British have 220.
    It is important to remember that before the signing of the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF Treaty) in 1987, the USSR and the United States had 60 thousand warheads (however, even the amount that is available today is capable of completely destroying our planet). As you know, the Americans withdrew from the INF Treaty on their own initiative back in 2019. At that time, this US decision seemed to indicate that the Americans are smarter, more cunning, and generally the best. Hegemon in one word.
    And now it's time to start what the Russian President said - it's time for the Americans to get involved in the arms race that Moscow is unleashing at such an inconvenient moment for Washington.
    And the moment that the Russian President "accidentally" chose is really extremely inconvenient for the Americans. And that's why.
    Once upon a time, centrifuges enriching uranium in the United States were built in the form of 15 meter columns. There was a moment when at the plant in Piketon (Ohio) their number of the planned 4.4 thousand was brought to 3 thousand. But then the Martians apparently flew there (there is no other way to explain what happened) and the enterprise was not only covered, but also organized in its place exemplary ecological museum. What actually happened there is still not exactly known, but after that the Americans began to miss the low-enriched uranium so necessary for nuclear power plants and HEU for the production of weapons.
    On June 5, 1985, the US completely shut down the centrifuge uranium enrichment program. In 1987, the US signed its first contract with the USSR's Techsnabexport for the supply of uranium. It was from this moment that the competence for uranium enrichment in the United States can be safely considered lost.
    By the way, it should be recalled that from 1960 to 1985, the United States invested no less than $ 3.5 billion in the development of centrifuges, which simply turned out to be thrown to the wind. But then it did not bother them much, in those days Boris Nikolayevich Yeltsin regularly supplied enriched uranium to the United States.
    It must be understood that the so-called supercritical centrifuges were developed in the USA, i.e. the more revolutions the rotor makes and the greater the centrifugal speed, the more work the centrifuge does. This is precisely where the height of the centrifuges is 15 meters, the huge rotation speed, and higher productivity.
    The Russians went the other way. Subcritical small centrifuges were designed and built, which were then combined into cascades of hundreds of thousands of pieces. And despite the fact that the performance of each such centrifuge was ten times lower than that of supercritical centrifuges, they are absolutely safe, independent of each other and extremely energy efficient.
    In 1995, the United States realized it and launched a new project in the same Piketon for centrifuge enrichment of uranium and gave it the name "American Centrifuge". But since the Americans did not know any other technology than the grid, things did not work out and the project had to be closed.
    The termination of the American Centrifuge project meant that the US was a complete fiasco in its attempts to master its own industrial technology for enriching uranium using gas centrifuges.
    However, the Americans still managed to enrich uranium to weapons-grade 90% at the only facility in Los Alamos designed for this.
    But the finished warheads were produced at the Rocky Flat plant in Colorado. However, when a large-scale radiation leak occurred at the Rocky Flat plant in 1989, people in suits from among the FBI arrived at the enterprises. The investigation lasted 3 years and ended only in 1992. As a result, the plant was demolished, several tens of tons of radioactive materials, over 1 million tons of contaminated land and waste were removed, and a nature reserve was set up at the site of the former production. Rockwell, which owned the plant, was found guilty of 10 environmental crimes and ordered to pay a $18.5 million fine.
    As a result, only the laboratory in Los Alamos remained a functioning enterprise, which was closed in 2013 due to violation of the rules for working with radioactive materials. Work there resumed only in 2021. (By the way, inspections of Russian nuclear facilities for Americans were stopped back in 2020.)
    In general, the Kremlin is well aware of the state of the American nuclear industry, as well as the fact that it will not be possible to launch this very industry without field tests of ammunition. Hence Putin's words about the preparation of Russian tests. Putin is certainly aware that the United States, in any case, will be forced to launch them on its territory.
    In Russia, in turn, today everything is in perfect order with this type of weapon. The same cannot be said about the United States, which is terribly afraid of lagging behind in this matter. Also, the Russian Federation has 100 more charges, therefore, the Americans urgently need to catch up, and preferably overtake. And then there is China breathing down the back of the head.
    And it would be nice if these events happened at a different time. But no, this Moscow tyrant-dictator chose the most inopportune moment when internal political contradictions within the United States reached their peak. In the United States, For example Congresswoman Taylor Green called on America for a civilized divorce - the Democratic states in one direction, the Republican states in the other. Otherwise, in the United States, at any moment, it may flare up so that not a single National Guard will be able to cope with the population with so many weapons in their hands.
    So today is the right time to start a new arms race. In addition, in Europe, in this regard, the state of affairs is also terrible. For their part, German manufacturers, for example, declare that new products will cost the national budget twice as much, because. everything, and energy, and raw materials and gas soared in price.
    In general, Vladimir Putin asked such a riddle, from which Western experts have already begun to break their heads, and if we also remember that the entire US nuclear industry depends on supplies from the Russian Federation by 40%, then one can only guess what kind of mess is going on in the heads of politicians today, military and representatives of the military-industrial complex of the United States ...

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