Reminder that Tucker Carlson (Fox News) Advocates Sex With Minors

Discussion in 'Media & Commentators' started by Warm Potato, Sep 19, 2020.

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    In 2006 & 2009 he spoke about 13 year old boys having sex with their teachers and 14 year old girls having lesbian lovers. In 2014 he went on Fox News to continue advocating for sex with minors. In 2017 he had an interview with Gavin McInnes where he repeated himself, this time talking of 15 year olds. And of course, this is only a cursory glance at his statements. It is very likely that more interviews and statements will appear in the future related to this topic.

    Tucker Carlson is a rape apologist. Children cannot consent, but as Tucker says, his best friend had a relationship with a teacher, so its okay. Meanwhile his friends on the right like Gavin McInnes and Ben Shapiro either ignore or completely support his statements. Though in my view, ignoring these statements is akin to support, so they're one and the same.

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    I think maybe he was trying to make the point that it's not the same when the adult perpetrator is a man.

    When the teacher is a woman having consensual (relative term) sex with a teen boy, most people are not going to be up in arms about it.
    (especially when it is an attractive female teacher)

    In fact it seems ironically that the only people complaining about this type of situation are women, not men.
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